ユンタ Yunta


Yunta2PBannerYunta 2P

Yunta IconYunta 2P Icon
Birthplace Okinawa
Birthdate July 8th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Dark Brown
Hobby Elementary diving, siesta
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Okinawa soba
Dislikes The tourists who do not cherish nature
First Appearance pop'n music 7
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 14 FEVER! (ee'MALL)
Theme(s) Des-Reggae

Hip Hop (ee'MALL)

Designer(s) shio

Yunta is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 7.



A fisherman who has a job in a sea house that meets along with a clean beach in Okinawa.

"Reggae and rock. And I won't need anything else if this sea's here."


Yunta is an Afro-Asian man with light brown skin, an additional suntan, the beginnings of a beard, and brown hair styled in large locs. Yunta wears a yellow shirt with kaito printed into it. He has a forest green beaded necklace and a white headband. He sometimes wears dark aquamarine baggy pants with red, yellow, and black stripes on both and wears black and red sandals.

Yunta's 2P color palette made his skin slightly darker and kept the eyes untouched. His dreadlocks have a dark walnut color. Yunta's necklace is red, and the shirt is pale indigo, while the font is white. His baggy pants are shaded, closely to dark indigo, as the stripes are pale red and green. Yunta's sandals match the color is his pants. His 2P color palette is shown in Hip Hop, from Ee'MALL, of Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.

NET SelfEdit

Attack Nice! (ナイス! Naisu!?)
Damage Watch out (やべっ Yabee?)
GOOD Play Eat it ♪ (くらえー♪ Kuraee ♪?)
BAD Play Get outta here (いってぇー Itteeee?)
LOSE (laughing) (トホホ~ Tohoho~?)

Other Character CommentsEdit

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town ModeEdit

Phase 1

Hey, YO!
You don't wanna play Pop'n with me?
If I win, you'll buy me ice cream~
You know why you shouldn't tap out
I'm always playing fair!


Yunta was named after Asadoya Yunta, a traditional Onikawan folk song.


  • Yunta's birthdate is identical to Perry-san's.
    • The month marks Yunta's debut appearance in Pop'n Music 7.
  • Despite similar appearances, shio notes that Yunta is not related to Uncle Jam.
  • In a rare card from Pop'n Music éclale, Yunta has light brown tanlines.





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