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Yanary needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Yanary is missing some animations or character artwork, or the current images are unsatisfactory.

ヤナリ Yanari

Yanary waifu2x art noise1 scale

YanaryRender waifu2x art scale

Yanary Icon
Birthplace The mountains
Birthdate August 7th
Gender Multiple
Race Yanari
Eye Color White (red and yellow) Black (blue)
Hair Color Yellow
Hobby Shaking houses
Relative(s) Eachother
Likes Shakes and sounds
Dislikes Reinforcing bars
First Appearance Pop'n Music 12 Iroha CS
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 14 FEVER! CS
Theme(s) Tin Don Dance

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  • Yanary are based on the yanari (家鳴 ie mei?), small oni that exist only to shake and make noise in houses.

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