ワルドック Warudokku
Birthplace  ?
Birthdate October 19th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Sky Blue
Hair Color Gray
Hobby Conquering the world
Relative(s) Hiroshi Jingu and Toru Kamikaze (enemies)
Likes Manufacture and sales of Warudoc Robot claws
Dislikes Gambler Z
First Appearance pop'n music 6
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 11
Theme(s) Blues, Hora 2
Designer(s) tera (pop'n 6), shio (pop'n 11)

Warudoc is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 6. He is the main antagonist of Gambler Z heroes, Toru Kamikaze and Hiroshi Jingu.


Once you've said about the virtues of a villain, he comparatively said to be no one is out to his right.
Defeat Gambler Z! Have been produced with the intention of completing the "Warudoc Robo 2000" becomes in 2001, he is even angry too much.

The main enemy of Gambler Z. Warudoc frequently kidnaps Gambler's girlfriend, but gets defeat at all costs. He plots his revenge for world domination.



Warudoc is first introduced as a dark-skinned man with white short hair that reaches his neck. His attire resembles of a classical pirate with an eyepatch on his right eye, a red hat, and a hook on his left hand. Warudoc wears a cerulean coat with buttons that resemble of a skull, pants, and white boots.

Hora 2Edit

Warudoc's vestments seems strikingly identical to his debut, yet his coat is decorated in original yellow buttons. His hilt of the hook is tinted into a platinum color.


Warudoc creates his very first appearance in Pop'n Music 2, only if he makes a cameo in Toru Kamikaze's Miss and Lose animations.

NET SelfEdit

Attack Beautiful! (かかれいっ! Kakarei~i!?)
Damage Insolent (こしゃくな Koshakuna?)
GOOD Play Wahahaha! (ワハハハ! Wahahaha!?)
BAD Play Guhaa! (グハッ! Guha~a!?)
WIN Only evil aesthetics (悪こそ美学 Waru koso bigaku?)
LOSE Ohoho ~ (トホホ~ Tohoho ~?)

Other Character CommentsEdit

Pop'n Music 11Edit

You told about the aesthetics of evil around the world. The captain of the universe and squid. Its name is Warudoc.
All the gold and silver treasures and beautiful women in the world are his! ... in the several thousand tall tales about him.

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town ModeEdit

Hmph. It's a good city.
When a bomb hits it
Appeal of evil... I am!
N-no, it's monologue!
What the Ally of Justice isn't telling you.


The "waru" in Warudoc's name refers to "warui," the Japanese word for bad or evil.





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