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ウォーカー Wōkā


Walker 2P

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Birthplace Andromeda Galaxy. It's your neighborhood
Birthdate July 5th
Gender Male
Race Planet
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color None
Hobby Reading (mostly philosophy books)
Relative(s) None
Likes Quiet wave lengths and time
Dislikes Meteorites
First Appearance pop'n music 7
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme(s) Retro Future

Symphonovative Rock

Designer(s) Piu:KOHA

Walker is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 7.


In a world of zero gravity, he continues to drift indefinitely looking for a beautiful planet beyond our line of sight...
Sometimes, he likes to play with the stars and have a good time...
He seems to be sending such things everyday.

Walker is portrayed as a calm, quiet, and intellectual individual. He enjoys reading books on philosophy and likes subjects involving space, such as time. He is shown to be pestered by meteorites however.


Retro Future

Walker appears as a planet with an otherwise human body. He has round blue eyes and his face is divided into four colors consisting of purple, blue, light green, and dark green. His head is surrounded by a lime green planetary ring and several blue stars. He wears a simple gray suit with a black shirt, gloves, and shoes and a red tie.

In his 2P palette his head is now sectioned into orange, red, maroon, and yellow. His eyes are green and his planetary ring becomes indigo, while his stars are red. His suit is shifted to a light chestnut color and his shirt, gloves, and shoes are dark gray. His tie is teal.


Walker makes his cameo on Sergei's FEVER! Win animation in Pop'n Music 11.

He makes another cameo on Meteor's Lose animation in Pop'n Music éclale, especially in his Win animation, alongside Sergei, Parabo F-Train, and Happpy.

NET Self

Attack I wonder (どうかな Dō ka na?)
Damage Aha (ほほう Hohō?)
GOOD Play This is good (いいですね Īdesu ne?)
BAD Play A bit more (もうすこし Mō sukoshi?)
WIN Sparkle... (きらきら… Kirakira…?)
LOSE Until next time (また今度 Matakondo?)


  • Walker's birthday is identical to Michiru's.