Theme of staff roll special mix


CS2 LIVE pop'n 6

Romaji of Song -
English Translation -
Nihongo of Genre ライブ
Romaji of Artist Kimagure Poppers
Vocal -
Lyrics -
Other Instruments Yoichi Hayashi (Composition,Arrangement, and Guitar)
BPM 130
Status Hidden CS Song
Length 2:02
Character POPPERS
First Appearance pop'n music 2 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 3 CS, pop'n music 6 CS


Are you okay?

Let's play!
Let's make it together

Thank you

Song Connections/RemixesEdit

  • Theme of staff roll ~special mix~ is a rearrangement of the Staff Roll theme from pop'n music CS, originally released on the pop'n music original soundtrack album as Theme of Staff roll ~nostalgia live mix~, with vocals added from the original pop'n music arcade game.
  • A remix of Theme of staff roll ~special mix~, titled Theme of staff roll ~poppers live II~, appears on the pop'n music 2 original soundtracks ★ new songs collection album.


  • Theme of staff roll ~special mix~ marks Mimi's and Nyami's first appearance as rival characters, though they appear together.
  • In Pop'n Music 3, Theme of staff roll ~special mix~'s character was Aya, using her 17P.
    • In pop'n music 3 CS, Theme of staff roll ~special mix~'s character was changed to Aya's original palette.
    • In pop'n music 4, 'Theme of staff roll ~special mix~'s character was only Nyami, using her design from 2.
  • Theme of staff roll ~special mix~ isn't included on the pop'n music SUPER BEST BOX collection, despite being a Konami original and still in the arcades.

Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 202 238 - - - -
Pop'n Music 2→3 CS - 11 - - - -
Pop'n Music 6 CS - 9B - - - -
Pop'n Music 3→4 - 11 - - - -
Pop'n Music 6 - 9B - - - -
Pop'n Music 9 16 ↓9 - - 22 -
Pop'n Music 10→20 fantasia ↓8 9 - - 22 -
Pop'n Music Sunny Park→Present - ↑17 - - 22 -



LIVE 「Theme of staff roll ~special mix~」02:13

LIVE 「Theme of staff roll ~special mix~」

LIVE 「Theme of staff roll ~poppers live II~」02:27

LIVE 「Theme of staff roll ~poppers live II~」

Theme of staff roll ~poppers live II~

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