Teng Teng is missing some animations or character artwork, or the current images are unsatisfactory.

Teng Teng banner
テンテン Tenten
Teng Teng IconTeng teng 2P icon
Birthplace Bamboo country
Birthdate January 10th
Gender Male
Race Red panda
Eye Color Black
Hair Color None
Hobby Collecting acorns around the world
Relative(s) Unnamed panda teacher
Likes His panda teacher
Dislikes Being mistaken for a raccoon
First Appearance pop'n music Sunny Park
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Chinese Mind
Designer(s) shio

Teng Teng is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.

Personality Edit


Teng Teng, who is traveling in training kung-fu is very stoic to face the cuteness!
You might be in sore eyes when he's sweet. His aim is the Asian Takumiotto "large" bear cub cat!

Appearance Edit

Teng Teng is a red panda who only wears a red gi.


Gallery Edit


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