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シモン ベルモンド Shimon Berumondo

Simon Belmont

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Simon Belmont 2P

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Birthplace Transylvania, Romania
Birthdate September 26th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Light brown
Hair Color Blond
Hobby Whip swinging
Relative(s) Ralph Belmondo (ancestor)
Likes Candles
Dislikes Dracula
First Appearance pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE (ee'MALL)
Theme(s) Castlevania

K-Classics (ee'MALL)

Designer(s) ちっぴー

Simon Belmondo, known in the US as Simon Belmont, is a character from the Castlevania series, making a cameo appearance in Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.


Evil clouds cast over the save the world,
young Simon has risen to inherit the blood of the Belmondo clan!

Simon's history can be read here.


Simon has long, straight blond hair and light brown eyes. He wears a tan and brown leather tunic tied with a brown and gold belt, with a strap on his right shoulder and a shoulder pad on his left. His boots and wrist guards are also brown, and he has a gray and gold headband tied around his forehead. He wields a whip and a small dagger.

His 2P changes his hair to brown and his eyes to darker brown. His headband is black and gray, and most of his tunic becomes red. His boots, dagger, and wrist guards are white and he gains black sleeves and pants.

NET SelfEdit

Attack Take this! (受けてみろ! Ukete miro!?)
Damage Oops... (しまった… Shimatta…?)
GOOD Play *whips* (ビシッ!! Bishii!!?)
BAD Play Ugh (ウッ Uu?)
LOSE Now you'll pay (今に見ていろ Ima ni mite iro?)

Other Character CommentsEdit

Pop'n Music portable DialogueEdit

Pop'n Land
(record battle)
If you want this record
you'll have to show me your power.
Dark world 聖水も十字架も効かぬとは…
Why did neither of the holy water or cross work...
You're not one of us, are you?
EASY まずは
we'll do a warmup.
NORMAL そちらも本気ということか?
Are you taking this as seriously as I am?
HARD ベルモンドの名にかけて、
In the name of Belmont,
I shall be your opponent with my whole being!
Damn... I regret that...
You still have a long way to go.
Come back when you've sharpened your skills!
Lack of level 今のキミにはまだ荷が重い。
You've still got a lot of things to do.
Get your level higher!


  • Simon's birthdate is identical to Kamogawa Kenkyuuin's.
    • Simon's birthdate coincides with the release date of the first Castlevania game.
    • In-game, his birthdate is listed as "unknown".
  • It has been shown on a card that Simon does not like Yuli.
    • This makes sense since he is a vampire hunter and Yuli is a vampire.
  • Simon's character artwork is in the same pose as the cover for the original Sharp X68000 release of Castlevania Chronicles.




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