白鳥姫子 Shiratori Himeko



Shiratori Himeko Icon
Birthplace Kasumigaseki
Birthdate March 3rd
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Dark orange
Hair Color Orange
Hobby Speech, I have no choice but to do my morning reading
Relative(s) Unnamed mother and father, Sakurada sextuplets
Likes Papa and mama, the chaperoning Sakurada brothers
Dislikes Onions, celery...
First Appearance pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Techno Child
Designer(s) eimy
Shiratori Himeko is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.


With her beautiful mom supporting her dad who is an agricultural minister,
along with the Sakurada Brothers watching,
Lady Himeko is ready to do her best on the speech today!
She will be a princess...the best!!


Himeko is a fair-skinned girl with curly orange hair held in drill twintails and auburn eyes. She wears a green plain children's dress with a Peter Pan collar and ruffled false placket, white frilled socks and black Mary Janes. She is seen carrying a yellow megaphone. Behind her are the Sakurada Brothers, supervisors each sharing a black parted haircut, sunglasses and black formal suits.

NET Self

Attack Ohh ho ho (お~っほっほ Oohhoho?)
Damage Buzz off! (ふざけないで Fuzakenai de?)
GOOD Play Isn't that right? ♪ (ですわよね♪ Desu wa yo ne♪?)
BAD Play What is it (なんですって Nandesutte?)
WIN It is a victory! (勝利ですわ! Shouri desu wa!?)
LOSE Eeek!! (キーッ!!! Kii!!?)

Other Character Comments

Movie Review

Papa Papapapapa
I want takoyaki ○○○○☆
Riding her parents' coattails ★★★★★★★
Drill hair ★★★★★
Resignation ★★★★☆

Film Festival

Temporary title "Political Fantasy"
10 days

Mimi 新しい映画の製作発表が行われたようです。
It seems a new movie's production has been announced.
Nyami 今回の作品は政治ファンタジーとのことですが…
I see this work's a political fantasy...
Mimi あまり耳慣れないジャンルですね。
What an unfamiliar-sounding genre.
Nyami そうですね。どんな映画になるのか非常に楽しみです。
Right? I'm looking forward to whatever the movie will offer.

20 days

Mimi 新しい映画の主題歌が決定したもようです。
We're getting the theme song for the new movie next.
Nyami 担当アーティストは秋山巴美とパパドンドンさんです。
The artist in charge of it is Akiyama Tomomi and Papa Dondon.
Mimi ポップン初登場ですね。パパドンドン…?
This is his first time in Pop'n, right? Papa Dondon...?
Nyami たしかに気になりますパパドンドン。それではまた。
Oh, don't worry about him. See you.

30 days

Mimi 新しい映画の舞台挨拶が行われました。
A stage greeting for the new movie just took place.
Nyami お、おじょうさま!?しかも「私が大臣」って…
A p-princess!? Even said "I am a minister"...
Mimi 後ろの方々はSPでしょうか?それとも執事?
And would that be the security behind her? Or butlers?
Nyami う~ん…ますます目が離せません!
Hmmm... all their eyes are on me!

40 days

Mimi 新しい映画「わたしのパパはのうむだいじん」の予告編が公開されました。 
The trailer to the movie "My Papa's an Agricultural Minister" has been published.
Notice narration パパと私の新感覚ポリティカルムービー『わたしのパパはのうむだいじん』
My dad and I's all-new political movie "My Papa's an Agricultural Minister"
Nyami のうむだいじん…おじょうさまはまだ大臣ではないみたいです。
Agricultural minister... that princess just isn't a minister.
Mimi パパが大臣なんですね。将来的にはパパのポストをねらっているのでしょうか?
Her dad is, though. Will it go to his post later?
Nyami そうかもしれませんね。まもなく公開です!
That could be true. It'll be released to the public soon!

Production Notes

Not yet translated.

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town Mode

Phase Nijimmusume

Now's a good time for my speech!
Please pay attention.
Huh? You don't want to be disturbed?


Himeko translates to "young princess."


  • Shiratori Himeko shares her birthdate with San, Mimi, and Rin.
  • The Sakurada brothers, six in total, chaperone Himeko's speech and manage her tantrums. One of them show up on a "please wait" intermission screen in her Miss and Lose animations.
    • In the staff roll at the end of the Film Festival, their names are revealed to be "Kazuo," "Yasuo," "Norio," "Tomou," "Nobuo" and "Takao."
    • Only five of them appear in Himeko's Dance animation.
  • The script on Himeko's sash from her portrait artwork isn't present in her animations.
  • To emulate youth or naiveté, most of the words said by Himeko that would be kanji are in hiragana instead.