What are the rules?


  1. Help each other how to make templates, navigations, etc.
  2. Do not send any fake or unfitting facts on each character or series article.
  3. You must have at least five sentences to write in this article. If you do not know any information yet, it's okay.
  4. Do not present any fanart in this wiki, you must search for a fanon wiki to put this fanart in.
  5. If the lyrics are not responding to the wiki, ask me how to fix the lyrics.
  6. Do not put any unfitting images on each article or movie posters  but on your profile.
  7. We prohibit explicit content on this wiki. This may cause you to be banned on this wiki.
  8. While you are interacting with another user, do not send your personal information to him or her (ex. your home address, your city, your school, your realistic image of your family, friends, guardians, house, and yourself, or your neighborhood)
  9. In a video policy, do not send fan videos to each article.
  10. NOBODY will put any of these fake games and characters inside THIS official wiki.
  11. Videos as a person who was playing a game as seen can be prohibited.
  12. Do not edit the rules unless you ask a founder or admin.