How do I play Pop'n Music?Edit

Any Questions?Edit

I often saw videos that have speed options. Why do they do that?Edit

A player is interested in changing the speed, so he or she can improve some focus on the falling Pop-kun.

Why is a player using a towel? I'm surprised...Edit

Toweling could help with SUDDEN options.

It is okay to use one hand or a party of hands?Edit

Neither. You only play with two hands. A party of hands would be a crowd; I just saw the very first Pop'n Music commercial where there are many hands on the Pop'n Controller.

I can't find a Pop'n Music arcade system.Edit

Pop'n Music arcade systems occurs at Japan only. Sadly, I am not sure if there are any Pop'n Music arcade cabinets around at the US, but I found a few at Nevada's music arcade. Sorry, that all I have to find.


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