Several of the characters in the early times are removed after Pop'n Music was invented.


  1. A disco alien-The character resembles the early version of Bamboo(?).
  2. Pretty-She wears a blue and white polka dot dress and holding a stuffed bear.
  3. A person with a pumpkin on his head.
  4. His face becomes green. The character resembles the early version of Yuli(?).
  5. An English bear
  6. A fusturated tomahawk
  7. A shaggy dog
  8. Female twin frogs-The characters resemble as two early pieces of Anzu.
  9. A donkey playing a guitar
  10. A skateboarding snowman
  11. A strolling orange with his clothes on.
  12. Early Troppie/A ganster pear
  13. A man with his space suit-The character resembles the early version of Cyber(?).
  14. A Japanese TV annoucer with his kimono.
  15. A man with a TV as his head.
  16. Strage person with hipster clothes.
  17. An angry chicken-The character resembles the early version of Chiking, which can be redesigned in Pop'n Music 18 Sengoku Retsuden.
  18. A thief disguising himself as a jester-redesigned as Mimi and Nyami's clothes in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL
  19. A demon biker
  20. Early Kraft
  21. Early Shollkee-Shollkee's mane was aquamarine.
  22. Early Judy-Judy's hair was originally brown.
  23. Mary


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