Shio's DesignsEdit

  • Nyami's beta artwork, showing her that she is wearing a blue shirt with a number 5 on her icon. Nyami also wears brown pants and red shoes.
  • Dino's beta artwork, presenting him, wearing a fuchsia cape and orange gloves. Dino wields a small scepter and wears a crown on his head. This piece can be confirmed in Pop'n Music 6.
  • MZD's beta designs, such as a pirate outfit and an electro style.
  • Timer's beta design, consisting of a red jacket, pants, and black shoes. He has a black rabbit, skull-appearing icon on the back of his coat.
  • Rie-chan's beta designs. The first one includes a khaki coat and a red plaided skirt. Underneath her coat is a pink shirt. Last, she wears black boots with a red lace in each.
  • A nurse with short black hair almost resembles Belle. She is wielding a machine gun with a slightly dark hue of pink color. She is strongly an early version of Milk, from Pop'n Music 8.
  • A sexy cat spy
  • A bull-looking alien
  • An early version of Otoko-Man, earlier named as Muscle-san.
  • A green-haired cowgirl.
  • An early version of Ookami-Boy.
  • A chef with a chicken
  • A graduated school boy.
  • A girl named Patty. The name is taken in Pop'n Music 10.
  • An early version of Wacky?
  • Tamako with horns.
  • An early version of Mr. KK.
  • An early version of Belle.

Inuchiyo's DesignsEdit

  • A Hawaiian guitarist, who is almost related to The King.
  • An aqua-haired ballerina.
  • Dia's beta design.
  • Yakuza or punk boy
  • A pink deer holding an orange baby.
  • An early version of Karen.
  • Purple-maned horse.
  • Pink-haired Para Para girl.


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