• A French fashion girl with bright cyan hair that is styled in curly pigtails. SHe also has periwinkle eyes adn tan skin.
  • An exercise woman with short magenta hair
  • A pilot girl
  • Bondage fashion girl, created by P-CAT.
  • Rie-chan's beta artwork, wearing a pink sweater with a heart on the center. She wears denim shorts and short brown boots.
  • Sanae-chan was duplicated to Rie-chan. The differences are that she wears a light yellow sweater, pink skirt, and short gray boots.
  • Yuli's beta artwork, likely almost a drastic modification of Yuli's outfit from his debut
  • Shollkee's beta artwork, as he dons a black suit and brown shoes.
  • A nun (likely one of Jessica's early pieces.
  • Elle's early artwork, as she appears with long hair and glasses with dark pink lens and green frames.
  • A karaoke girl, wearing a suit with a lousy color.
  • The Okinawa girl, much of an early version of Mayumi.


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