• Palette-A female human squirrel. She wears a blue jacket and shoes. She also wears aquamarine pants and deep pink bracelets.
  • Maron-She wears a pink shirt with a red heart on the center, along with the blue touch of her sleeves and skirt.
  • Johne-A dog-like female character.
  • Mika-The character resembles the early version of Megumi.
  • Yuka-She wears Megumi's dress before Megumi appears.
  • Kaede-An orange-haired girl, wearing a hot pink dress with orange flower patterns. She wears a pair of black boots with small yellow rings on her ankles.
  • Tina-The counterpart of Kate.
  • Tom-the astronaut
  • Jhony-A cowboy
  • Bikky-A red haired Native American girl.
  • Ariel-A nun, possibly one of Jessica's early designs, until she reaches to Pop'n Music 6.
  • Tomoko-an average-looking girl, scrapped as being "too normal"
  • Kebin-Renamed as Kevin, as seen in Pop'n Music 5.
  • The Kaiser-A lion with a violet mane and a red nose.
  • Dinos-Possible relative of Dino.
  • Koon-A thin-shaped rooster
  • Lucky-A yellow mouse with sunglasses.
  • Yumi-Likely the prototype of Donna, but Donna is more acceptable to be in this game. Her dresss almost resembles to be Tsurara's.
  • Ben-A fat man with green hair
  • Donna-She is wearing a blue tanktop, yellow shorts, legwarmers, and black shoes.


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