• Male Mimi as a plumber
  • MZD without his hat
  • A demon of MZD, appears in a genie lamp.
  • Koko's hair was originally brown
  • Rie-chan's Beta design
  • A post boy-The character resembles the early version of Wakaba, as seen in Pop'n Music 10.
  • A girl wearing dog flaps-The character resembles the early version of White Merry, as seen in Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL.
  • Fat Boy, as seen in Pop'n Stage.
  • A dog-earred man-The character resembles the early version of Smoke, as seen in Pop'n Music 16 PARTY.
  • Hatless W.B. Rose
  • A girl in blue overalls, with a multi-colored, long sleeve shirt and red shoes with white stripes. Her hair consists of brown pigtails with a rainbow hat on top, and has a giant pink bear behind her
  • A human, male samurai (a human counterpart of S.8. Taro)
  • Early-looking Yoshio, who was later put in Pop'n Music 7.
  • A see-through Mimi (possibly used as the concept of Hone Nyami in Pop'n Music 9), which was later used on the LOSE animation of Torte & Parfait from Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET.
  • A panda bear with a microphone, wearing a yellow sweater with green stripes, brown pants, and light blue shoes (Nyami would later don this wardrobe in Pop'n Music 11).
  • A happy man with purple hair in a yellow space suit, a red star on his knees, shoulder, and shirt, and wears purple shoes / skates (early Ryusei*Honey??)
  • Stereotypical Chinese girl with brown, braided hair (possibly model of Ling Ling in Pop'n Music 3).
  • A woman in a long, blue dress with butterflies on it, with long blue hair that covers up one of her eyes. A flower also dons her head (possibly retooled as Honey in pop'n music 8).
  • A frog with yellow gloves and looks vaguely like Kermit the Frog
  • A girl in a yellow bee costume (early hina??)
  • A nun in purple garb (possibly retooled as Jessica in pop'n music 6).
  • A girl with blonde hair (with three flowers on top of it), star eyes, and wears a red dress and a blue t-shirt underneath it. She's also holding a wand in her hand and is accompanied by a little cat and rabbit (early SPACE MACO??).


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