パティ Pati
Patty 12 IconPatty 12 2P Icon
Birthplace Tennessee, USA
Birthdate August 10th
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Fuschia
Hair Color Red
Hobby Collecting buckles
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Silver items
Dislikes Copper items
First Appearance pop'n music 10
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 12 いろは
Theme(s) Stray Girl

Blues Rock

Designer(s) tera (pop'n 10), shio (Iroha)

Patty is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10.



In an empty world, it has one mineral walker, who walks on an unrestrained runaway.

Until one? It's a little border.


Stray GirlEdit

Patty is an American girl with magenta eyes. She has red, curly hair that reaches the length of her shoulders and a yellow bandana. Her top features are a blue jean jacket and a yellow shirt underneath; also, there is a round pendant around Patty's neck. On her left wrist is a light-blue beaded bracelet, while her right wrist only have a yellow ring bracelet and a colorful counterpart. Patty wears jean shorts that carries a brown belt with a metal skull icon and a gray beaded necklace on the left side. She finally dons brown boots with dark soles.

Blues RockEdit

Character CommentsEdit

Pop'n Music 12 Iroha:
She overdoes her walk later that night a little.
It moistens her dry throat asexually,
It's about seven minutes for the mineral walker to only to dance hot!

NET SelfEdit

Attack Hey! (えいっ! Eii!?)
Damage Ow! (いたっ! Itaa!?)
GOOD Play Good! (いいね! Ii ne!?)
BAD Play Huh? (あれっ? Aree??)
WIN Come on! (カマーン! Kamaan!?)
LOSE Mortified~! (くやし~! Kuyashii!?)






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