The 9th Popper's Lounge interview. In this edition, Mimi and Nyami were interviewed.
Original interview


Judy3Icon original A special new year's edition of Popper's★Lounge, our next two guests are the faces of Pop'n Music!
Mimi3Icon original Happy new year! How was your first dream of the year? It's Mimi.
Nyami3Icon original Happy new year! Did you win the lottery? It's Nyami.
Mary3Icon original Hi! Mimi, Nyami. Everything is well even though I'm busy. Getting to our question. "How did you two get to know each other?"
Mimi3Icon original We first met at an audition for Pop'n Music.
Nyami3Icon original We won up until the final exam, so then we teamed up and somehow managed to win.
Mimi3Icon original It was pretty sloppy.
Aya3Icon original Onto our next, "You two seem to share each other's personality, do you have any preferences?"
Mimi3Icon original Nyami is the best~. She appears so manly and loveable♥
Nyami3Icon original Thank you. But Mimi's personality is the best~♥
Judy3Icon original Manly!?
Aya3Icon original Just her personality, Judy.
Judy3Icon original Ah, really? I was surprised. "Is there anything you fight about?"
Mimi3Icon original It's quite common to some degree.
Nyami3Icon original We fight like delinquents really.
Judy3Icon original Fight like delinquents? Your Japanese is very good.
Aya3Icon original It's indeed very confusing vocabulary that a dating couple would seem to use, Judy.
Mary3Icon original Now, our next question. "What kind of TV shows have the two of you appeared in? Do you two sing songs?"
Nyami3Icon original An impressive super human drama with fundraiser meetings, singing, talking, and tears, yes.
Mimi3Icon original Usually just mere variety shows. Many calling us for guest invites, though. Feels kind of like the Popper's Lounge.
Nyami3Icon original Although it's not a program on a channel, thank you!
Mimi3Icon original You'll also sing songs of course~. Idols work very hard.
Judy3Icon original I'd do anything other than just talking. "Your braids are very long and hard to take care of, aren't they?" is our next question, many to come.
Nyami3Icon original Of course not since I do my hair and makeup at random~. I'm pretty tough too.
Mimi3Icon original I try to get 12 hours of sleep and have it treated daily.
Nyami3Icon original Mimi is such a silly liar.
Mimi3Icon original Uh, it's really true. Hair is the life of a young girl.
Aya3Icon original I always feel anxious whenever Mary asks me to do her hair. Oh, well. Next question! "Do you have tails that we can't see?"
Nyami3Icon originalMimi3Icon original Secret. Super secret♥
Mary3Icon original "Who is Nyami's darling? Do you usually call Timer "darling"?"
Mimi3Icon original Of course it is. He's an energetic idol after all.
Nyami3Icon original I think Mimi has the answer.
Mimi3Icon original I said it for you since you're shy. I'm a good partner right?
Nyami3Icon original But I'm already happy with my other partner~ Let's get to the next question quickly. Wait, what? Do you have a good relationship with Uncle Jam? That's it.
Judy3Icon original (Well that was successfully evaded...) Uncle Jam and I are friends.
Nyami3Icon original You're a Beatmania enthusiast with Uncle Jam. Sorry, you always seem to win every game.
Mimi3Icon original I wonder if you'd do well with Timer or that other flea market at that Dino game.
Nyami3Icon original But, we're basically good friends with anyone.
Mimi3Icon original Yes. Love and peace♥
Aya3Icon original Well then, "Any rivals?"
Nyami3Icon original P-1 & P-2? They're the only ones who are really intense.
Mimi3Icon original Pretty? Only to a rabbit.
Mary3Icon original "How do you spend your holiday?"
Nyami3Icon original Going to the amusement park! It's the best if can get on the roller coaster.
Mimi3Icon original Playing with pets, playing Pop'n music at the arcade.
Judy3Icon original Lastly "Some words for the fans!"
Mimi3Icon original Whether you're a beginner, light, or heavy popper, at any time you're allowed to the Pop'n party! Come and play.
Nyami3Icon original Thank you for always playing with me! Now step and clap and always have fun with Pop'n everyone, aim for the year 3000. We'll do it.
Nyami3Icon originalMimi3Icon original Ciao♥
Aya3Icon original Mimi, Nyami. We thank you for everything this year! More to come.


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