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The seventh Popper's Lounge interview. In this edition, Timer was interviewed.
Original Interview


Mary3Icon original Merry Christmas! It’s nice to have our last Popper`s★lounge broadcast of the year 1999 on the Christmas Eve, isn’t it.
Judy3Icon original For this 7th time, we’re having Timer, (according to him) little devil like fairy from the Pop'n world!.
Aya3Icon original Come on, Timer. You are gonna tell us about lots of stories for the Christmas, right?
Timer Icon Original Merry Christmas! Have you all been well? Thank you for those of you who bought some stuff at the flea market.
Mary3Icon original Hey, Timer. We still receive this type of questions sometimes. Can you answer it? “Is Timer a boy or a girl?”
Timer Icon Original Oh, not again. Look how manly I am. Ugh, I’ll really go naked!
Judy3Icon original No, no Timer! Don’t take off your clothes!
Aya3Icon original To begin with, a question about your costume, one of the things people like about you. “I heard that you like cosplaying. What type of cosplay do you do? Why do you turn into a bunny girl? Do you like rabbits?”
Timer Icon Original Hmm? I do a lot but most of them are my original design. I still have lots of ideas in my sketchbook. I did rabbit because it was a year of rabbit. Oh, it’s a bunny boy, not a bunny girl you know?
Judy3Icon original “How do you make costumes?”
Timer Icon Original All of them are tailor-made. Sometimes I get the costume department in my office to make my costumes.

Although they complain and say “It’s a misuse of labor!”, there was one time when they came up to me with a very well made sexy costume and told me to wear. I wore it though~ heart

Mary3Icon original By the way Timer, “What do you do for a living other than signing?”
Timer Icon Original Right now, I’m doing singing and making appearance on talk shows. I used to do radio though. I just thought I’d focus on signing. It might not be a substitute for radio or talk shows but I’ll be really committed to lives from now on. Please come and enjoy.
Aya3Icon original “Tell me what you like to eat and what you don’t.”
Timer Icon Original My favorite is Japanese food. I don’t have anything that I hate…oh, fat on meat is not really my thing.
Judy3Icon original There’s also, “How do you spend your weekends?”
Timer Icon Original Lately I participate in flea markets often, oh, as a seller you know. Everyone, come and buy my stuff~heart

I’m also taken along to the amusement park…oh, I found roller coasters fun despite how it looked. I guess I just hated it without even trying.

Mary3Icon original “What type of person is Ice?” He works as your producer right?
Timer Icon Original Ahh Ice, maybe he is easily misunderstood because he’s kinda quiet. But those fans of Ice’s, you wanna hear some hidden stories right?
Ice Icon Original “Timer.. Are you gonna say something…?
Timer Icon Original Ohh? You said you were not coming today~, Ice.
Aya3Icon original We received not only the questions for Timer but also lots of requests for Ice to be on the show as well. So we begged him to stand by. We’ll have Ice as a guest next time, though.
Ice Icon Original Hello. Since Timer is the main guest for this time, I think I’ll stay quiet here.
Aya3Icon original OK! Timer, I suppose you have lots of friends since you are good with people but many people were wondering “Do you hang out with other Popn artists like Yuli’s band groups?”
Timer Icon Original I only met Yuli during the photo-shoot. But everyone you meet is a friend right, aww, no??
Judy3Icon original In your profile, you wrote Nyami-chan as what you like but “What do you like about Nyami-chan?”
Timer Icon Original Ooohh, what do I like…? That’s of course…heart
Nyami3Icon original Don’t say it! It’s making me blush.
Timer Icon Original Whoa, it’s Nyami chan this time!? I’m happy but how?
Nyami3Icon original I was recording in the studio next door. Well see’ya soon. Chao!
Mary3Icon original Ahh, Can I ask a question? “What’s your plan for the Christmas this year (1999)?”
Timer Icon Original How about doing Ya-mi na-be party for this year? Or ciber na-be party! Here! Invitation!
Judy3Icon original Timer? I didn’t say I was gonna join.
Mary3Icon original Judy, it’s no use. He never listens…
Aya3Icon original Let’s join. It sounds fun, doesn’t it? To end with, say something to your fans!
Timer Icon Original Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Please support me next year too~heart
Ice Icon Original Thank you for having me.
Mary3Icon original It was so much fun. Please come again!
Aya3Icon original It was all Timer’s pace.
Judy3Icon original It was the best show to mark the Christmas and the New Year. We’ll be providing fun shows next year too!


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