The 5th Popper's Lounge interview, featuring Sanae-chan and Rie-chan.
Original Interview


Mary3Icon original The 5th Popper's Lounge, within a flash.
Aya3Icon original This time is someone familiar from the first installment, Rie-chan. And she came here together with Sanae-chan! They have been called by fans "Cute and lovely for a long time!"
Judy3Icon original Hello, both of you!
Rie 3 Original Icon Good evening. Rie-chan here!
Sanae 3 Original Icon I'm Sanae-chan. Thanks for inviting us!
Mary3Icon original Your matching outfits are very cute. Right away, the question is, "Rie-chan looks like she makes clothes, Could 3 of your clothes also be made by Rie-chan? ! Do you wear matching outfits periodically? Girly♥Candy clothes?", which comes a lot.
Rie 3 Original Icon Yes, really! I always like more coquettish and Girly-ish design, But I discussed with Sanae-chan if it's good and simple to make a Country fashion.
Judy3Icon original Next question's for Sanae! "How was Rie-chan's model for the fashion show?" I want to know your opinion on your outfit designs.
Sanae 3 Original Icon Since Rie-chan is very good at sewing, the clothes are cute and comfortable. I checked out this costume because they announced that i'm a bit behind this prior to the CD single release!
Aya3Icon original This question came out fairly, "How did you two meet together?"
Rie 3 Original Icon We were attending the same school.
Mary3Icon original Next is about your guitar. "When did Sanae-chan first had a chance to play guitar?"
Sanae 3 Original Icon Rie-chan's special ability is sewing, right? When I also wanted to have a said special skill, i saw a girl who was pretty great at guitar and i thought "this girl's jamming with the guitar, that's so cool".
Judy3Icon original Certainly, a man would have a different COOL! Hey, Rie. While the name of Sanae's guitar is "Shiro-chan", "Is there a name in Rie-chan's guitar?"
Rie 3 Original Icon Of course there is! I named it "Choco-chan" after Reo-kun who taught me how to play guitar!
Sanae 3 Original Icon Rie-chan, I had a hard time thinking about this before.
Aya3Icon original Well Rie-chan, "Since when did you become good at playing guitar?"
Rie 3 Original Icon Uh, well... Sanae-chan became skillful because Sanae-chan had good people who taught her, i think? I have watched her since she became skillful at guitar, and because Reo-kun carefully taught me the chords, I learned fast. Hmm... I wonder when I first mastered the chords though.
Mary3Icon original "Do you visit towns?"
Sanae 3 Original Icon We often go to Shibuya together. We check a lot of record shops. Then we also search for various fabric stores.
Judy3Icon original "Rie-chan likes Sugi-kun, does Sanae-chan have someone she likes?"
Sanae 3 Original Icon Hmm... Secret ♥
Aya3Icon original Don't worry, I have another question for you, "What do you mean when people who smoke aren't good?"
Sanae 3 Original Icon Because I can smell the odor of tobacco when nearby. The smell is not good.
Mary3Icon original OK, Last question. "Are you both friends with Sugi? How did you meet?"
Rie 3 Original Icon We're still fans? But you know, Since when we were in the Pop'n party for the second time there was a lot of chance to talk to Sugi-kun, I think it's ok to say I'm his friend.
Sanae 3 Original Icon Me too.
Judy3Icon original Finally, a message to all the fans!
Rie 3 Original Icon I want to talk some more, what a time. Thanks everyone for sending me a lot of questions! From now, see us in our outfits together!
Sanae 3 Original Icon I'm glad I was wearing the cute outfit that Rie-chan always makes. I wish good luck on Rie-chan who works hard in making outfits, and I think I'll polish my arms out in songwriting. I was always cheering.
Aya3Icon original Both of them, going home tired from school! See us again.