The 3rd Popper's Lounge interview. In this edition, Megumi was interviewed.
Original interview


Mary3Icon original This is the third time we've entered in this corner.
Aya3Icon original We came here the third time for the first appearance of Megumi-chan! We heard Megumi-chan has a cute voice so we came.
Judy3Icon original Hi! Megumi. Greetings to everyone.
Megumi Icon Original Nice to meet you.
Mary3Icon original Well then, we have questions from everybody that we are going to ask to you. "What is your full name?"
Megumi Icon Original I'm Megumi Hayakawa.
Aya3Icon original Next, "What are the family members in your home?"
Megumi Icon Original Dad, Mom, me, my brother, and my pet Rocky!
Judy3Icon original The next question is, "What is the name of your transformed state and what is the transformation spell? What is the purpose of your tambourine?"
Megumi Icon Original Actually, I'll tell you here only the secret to my ability to transform. It is by calling to a moon fairy at night. I use the item called the Beauty Tambourine to seal my hair ornaments. With it I cast the spell, "Purisute~purikyan~puriterurin, Pop'n Cherry de Beauty Make!" (Pop'n Cherry Beauty Make-up) and I transform into Magical Megu. It may be embarrassing, but I have to do this to protect Onii-san.
Aya3Icon original All right, all right... for a young person. This next question came from a lot of people, "Who is this 'Onii-san'! What do you know about him? Where do you like to meet?"
Megumi Icon Original We have passed each other on the street many times when living in the neighborhood, but still I do not have the courage to speak properly. We have been in the same school, and his last name is Takayama. His father is a great scientist. That's all I know about him, the rest is a mystery. He has always been attacked by bad guys. I would like us to meet in a place where everyone looks good and friendly.
Judy3Icon original That guy... I saw him walking with another girl. The question is, "Who is this rival? What's with this guy being in a love triangle with Magical Megu and another girl?"
Megumi Icon Original It's that girl, a celebrity who attends in my school! She's the headmaster's only child, Hitomi Saionji. She's beautiful and smart, and she's friendly to people. Back then, she looked anxious when she sees someone walking with Onii-san. At the time when I was Magical Megu and I was talking various things to Onii-san, eventually he turned to me.
Mary3Icon original I support you in that! This is the data that was investigated by the Lounge Staff. Check it out!
Aya3Icon original Let's talk about your hobbies. "What kind of sweets is good?"
Megumi Icon Original I recommend Cheesecake! The cakes sold at the store are delicious; Dad guarantees it.
Judy3Icon original Yummy! About Magical Megu, "Do you have any special abilities?"
Megumi Icon Original I have certain various skills but "Jealousy Thunder" is my strongest ability at the moment.
Aya3Icon original Well while we are on the subject of Magical Megu, "Please tell us about the people who are attacking 'Onii-san'. Who did you fight?"
Mary3Icon original In this corner we only found out that Magical Megu's nemesis is the organization called "Sexy Cat".
Megumi Icon Original The people from Sexy Cat are the ones who attack Onii-san. I have been insistently protecting him, apparently a scientist tries to grab him with his inventions.
Judy3Icon original The next question is, "You have a pet dog named Rocky. What kind of dog is he?"
Megumi Icon Original Rocky is a hybrid, medium-sized dog. He's a good boy, but only I can pet him.
Aya3Icon original Well, finally the last question, "Does anyone know that you can transform?"
Megumi Icon Original It's a secret that only the moon fairy and my bestfriend Yumi-chan know.
Mary3Icon original Well, a message to all the fans!
Megumi Icon Original Er, thank you very much for cheering me! Just call Magical Megu when Sexy Cat targets me! Magical Megu, the apostle of love, will protect everyone's peace and happiness... and Onii-san as well!
Judy3Icon original Come again in this corner sometime, Megumi!


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