The 2nd Popper's Lounge interview. In this edition, Shollkee was interviewed.
Original Interview


Judy3Icon original Hi! Our second guest is Shollkee.
Mary3Icon original Shollkee really has a lot of ardent fans, male and female. Even when he came back from America, everyone would still be a fan of his.
Aya3Icon original While looking for questions, because I could not receive the mail at the end of day 1, I was supposed to re-record prior to everyone's air time sent later. I feel bad for asking to come twice, Shollkee.
Shollkee 3 Original Icon It cannot be helped. I was more worried about those guys at "Sexy Cat".
Mary3Icon original Well, according to our documentation, "Sexy Cat" is the evil organization that seems to be the nemesis of Magical Megu. And this mail server jack right now, I really think... this it's the work of someone from that "Sexy Cat".
Shollkee 3 Original Icon Such a bold trick done by the enemy.
Aya3Icon original Hey hey, can I read the question? "Where did you live in America?"
Shollkee 3 Original Icon I lived in the west coast, in guise of 2 months vacation. After that, I visited different places in America while doing creative things. When I arrived in New York, I regretted not knowing the amount of fan letters flooding the record company.
Judy3Icon original Wow, so this question is about your creative work. "What things do you do whenever the songwriter's block hits you?"
Shollkee 3 Original Icon I go out bass fishing, I exchange information via e-mail to see the HP of musicians over the internet.
Aya3Icon original Here's one related to your hobbies. The next question is, "You keep bashing your shoulder keyboard, how many shoulder keyboards do you have?" Yeah! That's what I was also wondering every time.
Shollkee 3 Original Icon I've never counted how many I have. These were custom-made and designed to be tough, but were replenished whenever they were broken.
Mary3Icon original Feeling like a rich man... Next question is "What's your relationship with Ice? Are you friends? Are you close friends? Are you mentor and student?" Everyone noticed that you have the same outfit and you both have shoulder keyboards.
Judy3Icon original But it seems that you have some sort of admiration towards Ice, Shollkee. What about it?
Shollkee 3 Original Icon I think we're like fellow musicians who did music work together for a while. Sometimes we're master and student, sometimes best friends, but rather than having relationship, it always changes.
Mary3Icon original "What is your favorite animal?"
Shollkee 3 Original Icon I kinda like hairless animals... I have a tropical fish aquarium in the workplace.
Aya3Icon original Now, this is the next question. "Why not show your real face to us?"
Shollkee 3 Original Icon Would you already see it in beatmania?
Mary3Icon original But I think some of those who aren't Poppers already saw it in beatmania...
Shollkee 3 Original Icon I guess that's enough.
Judy3Icon original (Actually, I kinda want to find out. He seems to be hesitant in carefully taking off his sunglasses that time.)
Mary3Icon original Quickly asking regarding your private stuff, looking good this time! I thought up of this question, please answer if you can. " Did you remove the 3 rings on your left hand's middle finger?"
Shollkee 3 Original Icon No comment... Wherever someone wants to talk about it, I specially try to answer. I have that ring. I have no relation to that person anymore.
Mary3Icon original Because it's on a middle finger, it's different from a wedding ring? RIght now, your remarks have been pretty moody, Shollkee. "Are you single? Are you still a lover?" - a lot of women sent this question. They want to be married! Also from a few young girls.
Shollkee 3 Original Icon You also want to read too much into it Mary. I'm just a fellow musician. Unfortunately, gossip magazines would rejoice if the story did not come out. That said, I'm single.
Aya3Icon original We were also flooded with this question, "What type of women do you like?"
Shollkee 3 Original Icon If you insist to ask, I prefer girls who are not plastic?
Judy3Icon original Mature opinion.
Mary3Icon original Well with that, "Do you have any plans in the future? New song?"
Shollkee 3 Original Icon Hmmm, when I have good songs, I want to join in the party even if I'm busy. Because I'm going to Japan for the time being. And how was challenging songs in pop'n stage? I like to be a pioneer here as well.
Aya3Icon original To conclude this, a message to all the fans!
Shollkee 3 Original Icon I'm grateful for all the passionate messages. I'll keep bringing the techno sound that touches your hearts!
Judy3Icon original Thanks, Shollkee. Till next time!


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