The 1st Popper's Lounge interview. The hosts, Mary, Judy, and Aya, answered fan-submitted questions.
Original Interview


Mary3Icon original This is the first time the three of us, Mary, Judy, and Aya searched for questions, and our feedback was more than we expected.
Aya3Icon original Let's start right away!
Judy3Icon original I'm really looking forward to seeing the questions!
Mary3Icon original So, the first one. "Everyone who has a pierced navel, how did you get them pierced?"
Mary3Icon original This one looks different to theirs. Hey, everyone.
Judy3Icon original Yes! I got it pierced in the United States.
Aya3Icon original As for me, I got it pierced some time ago. It was somehow popular during the amateur times.
Mary3Icon original Next, "Why are your outfits all the same?"
Judy3Icon original We got our outfits from a dance team in TV formed, and everyone did minimum order! This T-shirt, the dancer's attention now has been the original shop.
Mary3Icon original "What led all of you to start dancing? Please tell us about your experience with dancing." etc. Experience with dancing... They really got a lot of questions.
Mary3Icon original As for myself, I can remember that I've been longing for the world of singing and dancing.
Judy3Icon original I'm an American representative Big Star inspired by our live stage.
Aya3Icon original Well, I love to dance with the music I like. I think that dancers dance to COOL stage music because they like the attention of the people to it.
Mary3Icon original Well, in high school or junior high school?
Aya3Icon original Well, such a feeling.
Judy3Icon original Next question is "What are you all thinking of?"
Mary3Icon original I asked to comment in the profile, We both are thrilled to be talented dancers. Of course, Judy is my best friend. Until then, that will never change.
Judy3Icon original Mary, Thanks!! Also for me, Mary is whatever you say, best friend as a rival. Also, Aya is a good person. I do not get bored because we always tell fun stories.
Aya3Icon original Best friend huh, that's nice. For me, Mary, of all names around the world, is the greatest dancer. , Even though she does not act self-importantly, newcomers who politely touches her figure were impressed! Frankly, Judy's beautiful dance is awesome. Later... I'm interested in teaching things Japanese. Friendly talk.
Mary3Icon original "What do you usually do everyday (during off days)?"
Mary3Icon original Sleep a lot. It seems like a waste of time but it's my way of relaxing.
Judy3Icon original I do inline-skating, I wonder if my body can move in sports. I'm not good at standing still.
Aya3Icon original I also play basketball. I think my DJ friends go to the club.
Aya3Icon original Alright, this question is for Mary and Judy. "How did you two meet?" This question has been coming out a lot, what is it?
Mary3Icon original We met the day the Pop'n party first opened. While waiting for a turn I had the chance to talk to Judy and I thought, "this girl will be my best friend".
Judy3Icon original I thought so too!
Aya3Icon original You were fated to meet.
Judy3Icon original Alright, next question's for Mary. "What's your relation to Rave Girl and Tourmaline?"
Mary3Icon original Rivals.
Aya3Icon original Exactly. All three.
Mary3Icon original I wonder so? I think different, I'm gonna say everybody looks similar.
Mary3Icon original Question to Judy. It's "Do you still dislike pickled plum? How about natto, tofu, and kusaya?". This one is the most commonly asked question.
Judy3Icon original Hmm, I couldn't even swallow after the first bite. Natto and tofu are also in the United States! They're healthy Japanese food. I like tofu. By the way, what's kusaya?
Aya3Icon original It's a salted dried fish. I'll grill some right now!
Judy3Icon original Really?
Mary3Icon original ..and I think it's better to stop it.
Mary3Icon original Because there are a lot of arrived questions and fan letters to Judy, she will answer another question."Kate has been a long time admirer of Judy, comment something about her!"
Judy3Icon original I am flattered by her admiration. She seems to imitate my dance and it seems that she breathes harder, maybe she needs more physical strength. But isn't she talented?
Aya3Icon original I would be really glad to ask Kate.
Mary3Icon original The question to Aya was often about Aya's profile. "What do you have in your home in the hillside? What do you do in the hill?"
Aya3Icon original I punched holes to prevent slipping in the slope. When i was a kid, i fell off when i tripped a foot. I hate it so much. But, sometimes I get thrills when sliding down with roller blades. Ah, don't imitate this good but bad girl.
Mary3Icon original Okay, time's up. Everyone, do you know now a lot about us? All right, a final message to everyone...
Judy3Icon original Thanks for always cheering! I'm really happy for all your messages. Thanks to your support I'll do my best to do more and more COOL dancing!
Aya3Icon original I'll show you that I'll dance as good as Mary and Judy! Till then, best regards to this corner!
Mary3Icon original I still want to compete with various Poppers. If you have confidence in your arms then bring it on! ...just kidding.


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