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P-1 P-2 Icon
Birthplace Russia
Birthdate June 12th
Gender Unknown
Race Robot
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color None
Hobby Watching SF films
Likes Comical dialogue
Dislikes Rust
First Appearance pop'n music 3
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 7 CS, pop'n music 9 (TV/Anime), pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme(s) Soundtrack
Naniwa (TV/Anime)
Designer(s) ちょび。 (pop'n 9)

P-1 & P-2 are characters from Pop'n Music 3.


Household robots developed in Russia. They were almost discarded due to a mistake in their dimensions.
They seemed to become entertainer robots after finding a strange talent of comical dialogue.
P-1 (the taller one) is a bit of a show-off. P-2 (the short-legged one) is the cool one that hides his emotions.



P-1 & P-2 are two robots, both appearing dark gray with yellow hands and feet, red arms, orange patterns, and white discs on their heads and shoulders. P-1 is the taller robot and also has green knobs on each side of is head. P-2 is the short robot.

Their 2P colors them both in shades of deep blue, and some of their highlights become dark magenta.

P-1 & P-2's URA palette from Pop'n Music 11 makes them light beige, and they gain light orange, purple, and cream colored designs.


P-1 now wears a long red and white pinstriped shirt with a blue bow tie and large red glasses, while P-2 wears a similar shirt in blue with a big red bow tie. Their TV/Anime design is used again for 青春剛速球メタル in Sunny Park.


  • P-1 and P-2's birthdate is identical to Jack's, Natsuhi's and Kokona's.
  • P-1 and P-2 appear to be the same model of robot as Kraft, as all three are from Russia.





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