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Otobear banner
オトベア Otobea
Otobear IconOtobear 2P IconOtobear 3P Icon
Birthplace Riddle
Birthdate November 11tth
Gender Male
Race Bear
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Hobby Taking a nap while listening to music
Relative(s) None.
Likes Apples and honey
Dislikes Cold places, black honey
First Appearance pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme(s) Breakout Rock


Designer(s) ちっひ (Original), shio (Progressive and 情念歌謡)

Otobear is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park. He is originally a mascot from another BEMANI game, GITADORA.

Personality Edit

A mysterious, music-loving creature. He has inhabited a lot of colorful colors.
Though he also occasionally fights, everyone's a good friend.

Appearance Edit

Otobear takes the shape of a cyan-colored bear creature with his face resembling a speaker. On the center of his body is an icon of a black heart with his face on it.

His 2P palette for Progressive colors Otobear blue.

Otobear's 3P color palette for 情念歌謡 recolors him red.


Otobear (オトベア?) is separated as "oto" and "bear". "Oto" translates to "sound" from Japanese to English, fitting his theme as a mascot for GITADORA.


  • Otobear is classified as a "kumamega", a pun on "kuma" (bear) and "mega" (megaphone).
  • Despite of having a cyan color in his original, Japanese fans say that he is green.
  • Otobear shares his birthdate with Ophelia, Miho, and Yushaaaaa.

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