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オーリー Oorii
Ollie IconOllie 2P Icon
Birthplace In the snow mountain
Birthdate February 25th
Gender Male
Race Snow leopard
Eye Color Yellow
Hobby Practicing new jumping techniques
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes The cold wind
Dislikes The hot places
First Appearance pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme(s) Spur Fusion
Designer(s) とっきー

Ollie is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park.

Personality Edit

After he knew his snowboard, conspicuously, now his improvment is in pro class! His new development skills are diverse and cannot be helped!

Ollie is a talking Snow Leopard/Tiger that is a professional snowboarder who has won many Olympic medals competing against human competitors.

Appearance Edit

Ollie takes the form of an anthropomorphic snow leopard, possessing yellow eyes. He sports a blue, sleeveless coat with matching gloves, and carries a light yellow snowboard with an orange pattern, matching the sections of his coat.


The given name for this character derives from a trick where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of the rider's hands, in snowboarding and skateboarding terms.


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