ニコラシカ Nikorashika
Nikolaschka IconNikolaschka 2P Icon
Birthplace Large Comintern Institute
Birthdate February 5th
Gender Female
Race Robot
Eye Color Magenta
Hair Color Silver
Hobby Cultivating roses
Likes Now, peace
Dislikes Now, war
First Appearance Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!
Theme(s) Bulgarian Rhythm
Designer(s) shio

Nikolaschka is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.

Personality Edit

A robot girl who is aiming for the gymnastics gold medal for her homeland.
Even though she's enthusiastic and tries to use the force of peace after the war,
could she be misunderstanding a bit?

Appearance Edit

Nikolaschka is invented as a charetreuse-colored, magenta-eyed gynoid with white pigtails. She is wearing a gymnastic wear that includes a white suit with green and red sections, matching shoes with lilac sections and matching arm parts.

In her 2P palette, Nikolaschka is now a black to blue gradient with magenta, glowing eyes.

NET SelfEdit

Attack Okay! (ヨシッ! Yoshii!?)
Damage Gack! (ガキッ Gakii?)
GOOD Play It's a battlefield (ココハ戦場ダ Koko wa senjou da ?)
BAD Play Unuu! (ウヌウッ! Unuu!?)
WIN Great! (カンペキダッ Kanpeki daa?)
LOSE (shutting down) (ガビ・ビ・・ Ga-bi-bi...?)

Quotes Edit

TOWN Mode Edit

Nikolaschka, has entered the game!
To avoid destroying the gymnasium
But please, be assured.
The opponents do not know.

Etymology Edit

Nikolaschka's name is a cocktail drink, typically served after dinner.

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