なつお Natsuo
Birthplace Japan
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Light brown
Hobby Charging
Likes Squid tokkuri
Dislikes Things that are painful to me
First Appearance None
Other Appearance(s) None
Theme(s) None
Designer(s) パチャお & p-cat

Natsuo is one of the three hidden non-playable characters that were first introduced in Pop'n Music 2 AC. Her artwork can be found in the Pop'n Museum on the Pop'n Music 1-4 Peace page.




Natsuo appears as a young girl with black eyes, short, light brown hair, and peach skin. She wears white blouse with a red tie, blue coat, and a matching blue, tattered skirt. Her shoes are plain brown.


  • The Pop'n Museum page states Natsuo was drawn during the Pop'n Music 2 era. It also hints that she may have been planned for the CS release of Pop'n Music 3.
  • She appears in the arcade versions of Pop'n Music 2 and Pop'n Music 3 when you activate the RANDOM option of the game, by holding both white buttons and then pressing the red button at the title screen.





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