NaN is a Pop'n Music 9 character.

ナン Naan

1월22일 - NaN(9-1P)

1월22일 - NaN(9-2P)

NaN Icon
Birthplace Around India
Birthdate January 22
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color None
Hobby Kneading
Relative(s) Karli and Ruu-san
Likes Curry
Dislikes Raisins (because they're evil)
First Appearance Pop'n Music 9
Theme(s) Tabla'n Bass

Personality Edit

NaN was kneading for thousands of years.... Kneading for many years, kneading, there's too much to knead....

NaN is an "object head" with a curry pot as her head who has been kneading the same piece of dough for thousands of years.

Appearance Edit

Tabla'n BassEdit

NaN wears a fuchsia bikini top with golden straps and golden frills lining the bottom. She wears a gold necklace in multiple rings around her neck, and 3 gold bracelets in each hand. Her pants are fuchsia which fades into purple, and so is her scarf, which is tied around her waist. She has fuchsia pointed shoes. She is wearing pink lipstick and rose eye shadow.

NET SelfEdit

Attack Nataradin~ (なたらでー Nataradin~?)
Damage Whaaaaat? ((な~ん) Naaan??)
GOOD Play ♪♪♪ (?)
BAD Play (?)
WIN It's no use! (無駄! Muda!?)
LOSE ・・・ (?)

Etymology Edit

NaN has a pun-based name; while "NaN" is a computer term meaning "not a number", it was chosen as the character's name due to it being pronounced identically to the word "naan", a type of bread from India. In addition, it could also be a play on the Japanese word "nan" meaning "what".

Trivia Edit

  • NaN appears on the Pop'n Music 9 category on Pop'n Music 16 PARTY.
  • Also on Pop'n 16, NaN makes cameos on Karli's animations in Maharadin.
  • IMPLANTATION used to have NaN as its character before Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!
  • Karli appears on NaN's FEVER WIN! animation.
  • NaN's head appears in Ruu-san's FEVER WIN! animation, along with Karli in her Hindi Pop costume.

Gallery Edit



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