Nakajima-san Name Banner
仲嶋さん Nakajima-san
Nakajima-san Icon
Birthplace Higashihara Zama, Japan
Birthdate February 22nd
Gender Male
Race Bird
Eye Color Black
Hair Color None
Hobby Moving
Likes Celery
Dislikes Rounding aluminum foil, then chewing it with my back teeth
First Appearance pop'n music 2
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 10
Theme(s) None.
Designer(s) p-cat

Nakajima-san is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 2. Though he originally only appears in the title logo, he later becomes a playable character in Pop'n Music 10.


偶然起用された「ツー」をきっかけに ただいま英語を勉強中。
I am studying English after being appointed "tsuu" by accident.
By the way, is "tsuu" said in a sweet voice like a whisper?


Nakajima appears an a small, white bird shaped liked the number two, with plain black eyes and a yellow beak.


Nakajima-san debuts in the logo of Pop'n Music 2. He also makes some cameos with other characters in the game, such as appearing in Mary's and Judy's Miss and Lose animations.

Nakajima also appears again in the logo of Pop'n Music portable 2.

NET SelfEdit

Attack Tsuu!!! (ツー!!! Tsū!!!?)
Damage 2☆☆☆
WIN Tsuu♪ (ツー♪ Tsū♪?)
LOSE Tsuu.. (ツー・・ Tsū..?)


  • Nakajima-san's birthdate is identical to D's, Sonar's, and Mugibatake's.
    • Nakajima-san's birthday (222) is a reference to his two shape and his debut in Pop'n Music 2.
  • Nakajima-san has no 2P palette.
  • Nakajima-san has a profile in the playable characters section of the Pop'n Music 2 site. Despite this, he does not become playable until Pop'n Music 10, appearing as a hidden character.
  • Despite being a playable character, Nakajima-san is the only original character not to have a theme song.
    • However, he is the first character overall not to receive one, as non-playable characters like Hitomi, and TV/Anime license character June also have no theme song.





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