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モリー Morii
Birthplace Roppongi
Birthdate October 3rd
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Hobby Escaping from the prison
Relative(s) Suit (enemy)
Likes Pork rice
Dislikes Treasures that don't fit in a pocket
First Appearance pop'n music 9 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 12 いろは CS
Theme(s) Sly


Designer(s) maya (Iroha)

Morry is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 9. Despite of being a noted individual character, he is part of Suit vs. Morry, and the current antagonist for Suit.

Personality Edit

「ついに見つけたぞ!六本 仁…いや、怪盗モリー!今度こそ逮捕だ!」
"We present it to you finally! A Roppongi man...I mean, phantom thief Morry! This time, he's arrested!"
"Oops, someone thinks about Suit's master! But it does not go so easily!"
The whereabouts of really two people of the game!?
Now, the play curtain runs additionally to become splendid, and was lowered by cutting!

Appearance Edit


Morry is a man with a brown, combed-up hair and beard, wearing a simple, black shirt, red jacket, a pair of white pants, and brown boots.


In his Iroha appearance, his pointy hair is tied into a small ponytail with a white piece, and wears a dark, pale-blue kimono with a burgundy obi and white sandals. Morry wields a katana with a matching scabbard.

Other Character CommentsEdit

Pop'n Music 12 Iroha CS:
The time is traced back, the Pop'n first year.
The flowing Morry recently haunts Suit who lives near the tenement.
Because he doesn't listen when Suit talks to send the living respectable.
Today seems to be a hardball somehow.


  • Morry is the second new character so far to be only part of the two-character animation (one of the characters is from a previous game), after Okon from Taro & Okon.

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