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This article focuses a short Pop'n Music info about Michael. See his full information here.

マイケル Maikeru


Michael 2P

Michael IconMichael 2P Icon
Birthplace Goon Docks, Astoria
Birthdate August 5th
Gender Male
Race Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red
Hobby Adventure
Relative(s) See information above the template.
Likes Companions
Dislikes Mice
First Appearance pop'n music 10
Other Appearance(s) None
Theme(s) Goonies
Designer(s) ミコシバ

Michael is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 10. He originally originates from The Goonies.


Everyone! We have to go help right now! Don't wait!


Michael is shown to have red, short hair and a periwinkle eye color. His vestments are regular blue overalls, a red, long-sleeved shirt underneath, and shoes. Michael carries his headset that shares the color of his clothes, and a bomb that have a normal shade color.

According to Michael's 2P color palette, his hair, shirt, and shoes are colored blonde instead of red, while his overalls and part of his headphones are colored green. The bomb and the centers of his headset are colored deep violet.


  • Michael is the only crossover character in the Pop'n Music series so far to be originated from a television media in primarily America, instead of Japan.
  • His FEVER Win, is the ending of the game The Goonies
  • In his Win, he is with a companion from the game.
  • His information don't reveals his asthma problem.




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