Maintenance Monogatari
Maintenance Monogatari banner
Romaji of Song -
English Translation Maintenance Story
Nihongo of Genre -
Romaji of Artist -
Vocal -
Lyrics -
Other Instruments 742
BPM 152
Status Default
Length 2:03
Character odile (Alipro 2)
First Appearance pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
Other Appearance(s) None.



Song Connections/Remixes



Song Product Information

Elegantly dancing mechanical dolls attracted a lot of people with their movements

But moving it is life cutting things natural with the whole body screwing loose and you will notice that the gear is missing

At last the doll who ceased to move kept sitting without saying anything at the corner of the room without being touched by anyone's hand

Then someone else who got dolls freaked a lot of time will repair using the latest technology

The old era in which the doll once lived and the civilization of the electrons mix together

The baseline is isolated from the world reflecting the heart of dolls, they're the same even when the code moves, only because they've stopped

The doll has awakened sleeping repeatedly by playful tone and artificial intelligence


Staff Comments

This song is a long-pop songwriting earlier when I was making Usaneko, so I have a lot of memories of playing.

Odile also has a cool, new illustration~. My eyesight is amazing.


Maintenance story ... and ...?

The title is a song that I was curious as I was concerned with since the location test.

A variety of approaches are expressing the world of "Usaneko", it's an amazing thing~


It is the perfect song for Odile ...!

With a classical and dramatic melody

You can also receive lighter reality like a toy.

Does she dance whilst missing the tragic drama?


Difficulty & Notecounts

Game Standard Battle
Notecounts 191/? 382/? 770/? 1219/? 446/? -/-
Usaneko→Present 13 23 40 47 25 -

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