クラフト Kurafuto

Kraft 1P

Kraft 2P

Kraft1IconKraft 2P Icon
Birthplace Russia
Birthdate September 21st
Gender Unknown
Race Robot
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color None
Hobby Housework in general, sometimes troubled men need a hand
Likes Ice cream
Dislikes Cockroaches
First Appearance pop'n music
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music GB

pop'n music 10 (ee'MALL)

Theme(s) Techno Pop

Russian Pop (ee'MALL, formerly)

Designer(s) MUKAI

Kraft is one of the characters from Pop'n Music.


ロシアで一家に一台の万能お手伝いロボット! …って、あれ?こんなところにファスナーってあったっけ?
A single-universal helping robot in the family from Russia. ...Wait, huh? Was there a zipper in this place?


Kraft is shown as a tall, gray robot with yellow eyes. His arms are gray and red with yellow hands and white discs on his shoulders, and his legs are orange with yellow boots. Two orange stripes curve on his chest and form a half-circle on his face. On his chest is a white attachment with a red pattern. A third white disc is located on the top of his head.

Kraft's 2P color make him completely white, while his limbs, discs, and eyes become a very light blue.

NET Self

Attack Proceed~ (イキマス~ Ikimasu ~?)
Damage That hurts (イタイデス Itaidesu?)
GOOD Play Great (イイデス Īdesu?)
BAD Play No good (ダメデス Damedesu?)
WIN Take that (ヤリマシタ Yarimashita?)
LOSE Defeated (マケマシタ Makemashita?)


  • Kraft appears to be the same model of robot as P-1 & P-2, who are also from Russia.