Traditional Roots
劇団レコード feat. Mille Face
Romaji of Song Koujou Melancholy
English Translation Castle Ruins Melancholy
Nihongo of Genre トラディショナルルーツ
Romaji of Artist Gekidan Record
Vocal mikarin
Lyrics Tomoaki Hirono
Other Instruments Tomoaki Hirono (Composition & Arrangement, Guitar, Charango, Mandolin), Yasuyuki Shimizu (Quena)
BPM 150
Status Event Song
Length 2:04
Character Castle
First Appearance pop'n music 20 fantasia
Other Appearance(s) None.



最後の灯火さえ 虚空の彼方

残された城壁は 何も語らない


眠れ 帰らぬ日々よ 幾千の歴史超えて
廻れ 生命の息吹 いつか出会う暁まで


Romaji and English Translation are found by Tumblr user abyssalnode

suna no umi ni ukabu kuchita koujou
saigo no tomoshibi sae kokuu no kanata

omoeba ikutsumo no kisetsu ga atta
nokosareta jouheki wa nani mo kataranai

shingenkyou wa senka he to
shinwa wa mokuzu to nari
daga tame ni…
mabayuki hitomi wa doko he

nemure kaeranu hibi yo ikusen no rekishi koete
megure seimei no ibuki itsuka deau akatsuki made

English TranslationEdit

A ruined castle rises back to the surface of sea of sands
Just its last flame lights up the distant empty sky

When I remember a great number of seasons has passed
The abandoned rampart speaks not even a word

Foresty hometowns burned into the chaotic war
Divine myths sunk into the deep sea
For whose sake were those…
Where will that dazzling eye gaze at next

Sleep, oh days never to return, cross over thousands of histories
Revolve, oh breathes of life, till the daybreak of meeting someday

Song Connections/RemixesEdit



  • 荒城メランコリー is one of the songs that is part of the WE LOVE pop'n music Minna de tsukutte 20 event.
  • 荒城メランコリー marks the first song composed by Tomoaki Hirono that he wrote the lyrics for himself.
  • 荒城メランコリー's Standard NORMAL and Battle HYPER charts have their notecounts tied.

Music CommentEdit

It sounded! The aloof melody! And, it grants the Earth's prayer!

Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 199 324 637 1020 198 324
fantasia 14 18 30 37 18 22
Sunny Park→Present ※12 24 36 43 18 22



【pop'n music 20】荒城メランコリー00:13

【pop'n music 20】荒城メランコリー

荒城メランコリー pop'n music 20 fantasia O.S00:30

荒城メランコリー pop'n music 20 fantasia O.S.T

TRADITIONAL ROOTS 「荒城メランコリー」02:05


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