Kagetora is missing some animations or character artwork, or the current images are unsatisfactory.

影虎 (カゲトラ) Kagetora
Kagetora IconKagetora 2P Icon
Birthplace Aizuwakamatsu
Birthdate December 14th
Gender Male
Race Grey tiger
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Grey (fur)
Hobby Falconry, bonsai
Relative(s) Shishiwaka and Shishitugu (friends)

Kanenobu (rival)

Likes Sake
Dislikes Ice
First Appearance pop'n music 9
Theme(s) Taiga Drama
Designer(s) shio

Kagetora is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 9.


An auspicious dignified and heroic young warlord who remembers the lord.
He came out helping Princess Blade who was kidnapped by the snowman imperator.


Kagetora's form is an anthropomorphic grey tiger with teal eyes. He accessorizes himself with an eyepatch located on his left eye, and a simple, black headdress with a mahogany, large sections and a white circle on the center. Kagetora wears a matching kimono, along with the matching slacks and a black robe. In his Great animation, he plays the kakko that includes a sharigan symbol.


  • Kagetora's birthdate is identical to Photon's.

Gallery Edit


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