Johnny D
ジョニーD Jonii D
Johnny D
Johnny D Icon
Birthplace Liverpool
Birthdate June 18th
Gender Male
Race Giraffe
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Hobby With his head full of guitars
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Love and peace
Dislikes Fish
First Appearance pop'n music 4 CS
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Liverpool

Group Sounds

Designer(s) Unknown

Johnny D is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 4.


A high school student obsessed with the guitar. Though he wants to recruit members for local nightclub appearances, he's disappointed because he can't get them together.


Johnny D's appearance is a giraffe boy with chocolate-brown hair that covers his eyes. He wears a school uniform that consists of a periwinkle vest that has a white shirt underneath, dark green pants, and dark gray shoes with light highlights. Johnny D wields a maroon-colored acoustic guitar. His original palette is used again in Group Sounds.

NET SelfEdit

Attack Go go! (ゴーゴー! Go go!?)
Damage Waa! (わぁっ! Waa!?)
GOOD Play Yeah yeah! (やーやー! Ya ya!?)
BAD Play Hmm (うーむ Uumu?)
WIN Thank you (ありがとー Arigatou?)
LOSE (silence) (ぽつーん Potsuun?)


  • Johnny D's name was misspelt as Jhonny D in the CS game release.
  • Johnny D's birthdate represents Paul McCartney's birthdate.

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