Lovers Pop
Romaji of Song Iihito
English Translation Good person
Nihongo of Genre ラヴァーズポップ
Romaji of Artist Oka Megumi
Vocal Megumi Oka
Lyrics Megumi Oka
Other Instruments Tatsuya Mizuno
BPM 130
Status Inactive CS Song
Length 2:01
Character Ruri
First Appearance pop'n music 9 CS
Other Appearance(s) None



ポケットに 入れてくれた手が
まだ温かい じゃあネ 階段かけ登ってゆく

向かい側 ホーム越しのジェスチャー
笑わせないで ほら 終電来ちゃった

いつでも 肝心な 伝えたい言葉を
飲み込むルール こころは ナイショの

マフラーの下 つぶやく想い so sweet 届いてるよ
切ない君と ふたりバカ騒ぎ

彼が拾ったガラスの靴 君に落としそうになる
優しい笑顔 君は痛いくらい いいひと...


Pocket ni irete kuretate ga
mada atatakai jaa ne kaidan kake nobotteyuku

mukaigawa Home goshi no Gesture
warawasenai de hora shuuden kichatta

itsudemo kanjin na tsutaetai kotoba wo
nomikomu Rule kokoro wa naisho no


Muffler no shita tsubuyaku omoi so sweet todoiteru yo
setsunai kimi to futari bakasawagi

kare ga hirotta garasu no kutsu kimi ni otoshi sou ni naru
yasashii egao kimi wa itai kurai iihito...

English TranslationEdit

My patting hands in my pockets
Are already warm, I went to climg on the stars, saying "Bye-bye"

Beyond my side, my homecoming gestures
Do not laugh, and look, I had come to the last train

At anytime, my rules swallow those words
That I want to tell at the bottom line, my heart is a secret

Under my mufflers, my murmured feelings have arrived so sweet
With your painful self, we have a stupid commotion

He picked up the glass shoes, and they will likely drop to you
With a warm smile, you are a much painful good person

Song Connections/RemixesEdit

  • A remix of いいひと by Shinji Ushiroda, titled いいひと ~USSY cool mix, can be found on the V-RARE SOUNDTRACKS 7: pop'n music 9 album.


  • いいひと's charts were made by Tatsuya Mizuno himself.

Music CommentEdit

Soon will begin to snow. Love song of the winter lovers.

Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 126 251 563 744 354 555
Pop'n Music 9 CS 7 14 27 33 16 25

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