ふき Fuki
Fuki IconFuki 2P Icon
Birthplace Karuizawa
Birthdate Februrary 10th
Gender Female
Race Half-Human?
Eye Color Forest Green (all)
Hair Color Blonde (all)
Hobby Photosynthesis
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes Morning dew
Dislikes Weeds
First Appearance Pop'n Music 7 CS
Other Appearance(s) Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL
Theme(s) Therapie

Fuki are CS characters from Pop'n Music 7.


かるいざわの林の奥の小さなみずうみのほとりでひっそりと自生しているの。 遠いどこかにわたしたちにそっくりな子達がいるって風のうわさできいたんだ。 ちょっといろが違うんだって、おともだちになれるかな?
It has quietly grown into small river banks on the back of the forest of Karuizawa. Somewhere far, we, the triplets, were not able to rumor the wind. Is a little bit of color about to make friends?


Fuki are known as the female triplets with blonde hair through slight chartreuse colors. On the middle is a girl with straight hair and a white color at the end of her tip. On her head is a white hat with a red four-petaled flower on the left and was strapped with a thin string. On the left is another girl with wavy, untied pigtails and a red-colored lei. On the right is another girl that exactly identical to the girl on the left, but with a vine-themed lei. All three girls have dark green eye colors, knee-length frocks, bare feet, rosy cheeks, and hands that are oddly connected.


  • Fuki are one of the multi-man groups of the entire Pop'n Music series.
  • Fuki's birthdate is identical to Zoozo's and Ni no Maru's.
    • Their birthdate must be part of their title: "Fu" is "futatsu" (2), and "ki" is "ki no tou" (literally, the tenth tree).
  • Fuki is three of the few characters to have their animations too slow.

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