Flow Flow 21 banner
フロウフロウ Furou Furou
Flow Flow
Flow Flow 21 IconFlow Flow IconFlow flow 3P iconFlow Flow 3P Icon
Birthplace Inside the hologram
Birthdate February 6th
Gender Female
Race Hologram
Eye Color Magenta
Hair Color Magenta
Hobby None
Relative(s) None
Likes None
Dislikes None
First Appearance pop'n music 12 いろは
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE (ee'MALL), pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme(s) Flow Beat

Orbitalic Flow (ee'MALL)
Regrets Feeling

Designer(s) あまもん。(Iroha), eimy (Sunny Park)

Flow Flow is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 12 Iroha.


The projection girl, Flow Flow.
That entity was not grasped, her presence signifies...


Flow BeatEdit

Flow Flow appears with deep pink eyes and headphone-styled hair. She have a baby blue cap along with her gloves and pants. She wears a blue sweater with baby blue neckwarmer and a pink section among her sweater. She has blue shoes, but formally floats with an odd, heart-like object.

In her 3P color palette, Flow Flow's colors are almost drastic to her 2P colors. Her hair is yellow, while her attire consists of black and orange colors, but a light blue color is added to the sections of her boots. Flow Flow receives her 3P color palette in Orbitalic Flow from Pop'n Music 15 ADVENTURE.

Regrets FeelingEdit

Flow Flow excels in Pop'n Music Sunny Park, while her appearance is dramatically modified; for example, her white hat flattens or shrinks her odangos. Flow Flow wears a cerulean top, a pair of lightly tinted gloves, and a large white coat. Underneath her top is her blue suit. Finally, Flow Flow wears a pair of shoes with many blue colors.

Other Character CommentsEdit

Pop'n Music Sunny Park:
The swaying heart reflects, the fluttering Flow Flow.
That voice was not heard, but it was not touched...

NET SelfEdit

Attack Ey! (エイッ Eii?)
Damage Ouch... (ウッ… Uuu...?)
GOOD Play Huhuhu (フフフ Fufufu?)
BAD Play Kyaa! (キャッ! Kyaa!?)
WIN Yay! (ヤッター Yattaa?)
LOSE (Sobs) (シクシク Shiku shiku?)


  • Flow Flow, like many female Pop'n Music characters, is commonly mistaken for male.
  • Flow Flow's birthdate is identical to M.c.H.T.'s and Lotte's.
    • If this is Flow Flow's birthdate, then part of her name represents it: "Fu"=2 (futatsu), while "Ro"=6 (roku).



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