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Elenoa needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

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エレノア Erenoa



Cha main elenoa 00

The mysterious female sniper

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Birthplace Futuristic city
Birthdate April 18th
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Red
Hobby I can't afford to say that right now
Relative(s) Bit, Trinity
Likes With my gun, I won't lose to anyone.
Dislikes This world that's been taken over by robots
First Appearance pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music ラピストリア
Theme(s) Midnight DnB


Designer(s) ちっひ

Elenoa is one of the characters from Pop'n Music 17 THE MOVIE.


Is there a pinch of hope left for a society run by means of a computer, not far into the future?
Or despair...?

Elenoa arrives in the present from the future, that is corrupted and dominated by robots. In Pop'n Music Lapistoria, Elenoa wields a white, pear-shaped lapis.


Elenoa has orange eyes and red, neck-length hair with blunt bangs. She wears a white mini dress with matching gloves and boots. She wears thigh-length pantyhose, a black scarf around her neck, and carries a pistol. Her original palette is confirmed again in 戦場のアップデート, from Pop'n Music Lapistoria.


Elenoa appears in Wakuwaku! Pop'n Manga episodes #543 "Ours," #698 "Alas, Everything is Changing" and #715 "Oh, I don't know which ball it is!"

NET SelfEdit

Attack I won't let you get away! (逃がさない! Nigasanai!?)
Damage Found you! (見つかった! Mitsukatta!?)
GOOD Play It's alright now... (もう大丈夫… Mou daijoubu...?)
BAD Play Help me... (助けて… Tatsukete...?)
WIN Good boy! (いい子ね! Ii ko ne!?)
LOSE Bad boy! (悪い子ね! Warui ko ne!?)

Other Character CommentsEdit

Movie ReviewEdit

Drum & bass ★★★★★
Cool beauty ★★★★★
Midnight ★★★☆★
Attack power/agility ★★/★★★
Blunt bangs ★★★★★

Film FestivalEdit

Temporary title "Futuristic Suspense-Action"
10 days

Mimi 新しい映画の製作発表が行われたようです。
It seems a new movie's production has been announced.
Nyami 文明がかなり発達した近未来映画のようです。
From the looks of the movie, civilization's quite developed in the near future.
Mimi このシルエットは何かを持っているのでしょうか?
What's with this silhouette?
Nyami 気になりますね。続報に期待しましょう。それではまた。
You'll see. Let's look forward to a follow-up. See you.

20 days

Mimi 新しい映画の主題歌が決定したもようです。
We're getting the theme song for the new movie next.
Nyami 担当のアーティストはTiaさんです。
The artist in charge of it is Tia.
Mimi 女性ボーカルのようですね。どんな歌声なんでしょうか?
Seems to be female vocals. What kind of singing voice is that?
Nyami 主題歌で映画も盛り上がりそうです。それではまた。
Looks like the theme'll be in the movie's climax. See you.

30 days

Mimi 新しい映画の舞台挨拶が行われました。
A stage greeting for the new movie just took place.
Nyami 彼女の衣装はとってもセクシーですね。
Her costume looks really sexy.
Mimi 私もあの衣装着てみたいな!似合うかな?
I wanna wear that costume! Would it look good on me?
Nyami …に、似合うと思うよ。それじゃ、また。
I... I think I'd look good in it. Well, see you.

40 days

Mimi 映画「Searching...」の予告編が公開されました。
The movie's trailer, "Searching...," has been published.
Notice narration それでも自分は見付からない… 近未来SFアクション『Searching...』
I still cannot find myself... near-future science fiction action, "Searching..."
Nyami 近未来の世界で繰り広げるサスペンスアクション!ぞくぞくしますね。
Suspense and action unfolds in the world's near-future! It's gonna be exciting.
Mimi 私もあの髪型にしたいな!オレンジ色、似合うかな?
I want that hairdo! Would the orange color look good on me?
Nyami その髪型にしても耳が…映画はまもなく公開!
Even with your ears, the hairstyle... movie's coming soon!

Pop'n Music 19 TUNE STREET Town ModeEdit

Phase MAX

Well, this city
hasn't been taken over by them.
But it's only a matter of time before they do,
get ready to battle right now!

Pop'n Music LapistoriaEdit

Under the flag of revolution, a ray of light runs across the battleground.
Where there was hope, it's been burned into despair...


  • Elenoa shares the white pear with Weiss.
  • Elenoa's birthdate is identical to Dia's.
  • The designer team apparently envy Elenoa's looks, especially her bust.
  • In her concept art, Elenoa is accompanied by an early design of Bit. In other images, she is with Trinity.