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Cocytus lacks translation for the lyrics, or the lyrics were not yet delivered, since it was released.

Romaji of Song Cocytus
English Translation -
Nihongo of Genre ピアノトロニカ
Romaji of Artist -
Vocal Yuu Tokiwa
Other Instruments TOMOSUKE, Hirofumi Sasaki
BPM 125
Status BEMANI EXPO Unlock
Length 2:07
Character Lucifelle/LUCIFER
First Appearance pop'n music 13 カーニバル
Other Appearance(s) None.



Song Connections/RemixesEdit


Cocytus is one of the five rivers in Greek mythology that encircles Hades. It is known as the "wailing river".


  • コキュトス is the only song with lyrics that are moderately misunderstanding, when hearing Yuu Tokiwa singing.
    • This hints that Tokiwa have trouble singing the lyrics, as very soft-spoken.
  • コキュトス is the first song to not have its "real" lyrics to be found on BEMANI Wiki, followed by おもちゃばこのロンド from pop'n music 14 FEVER!. It was found by another site though.
  • コキュトス marks Hirofumi Sasaki's final appearance in BEMANI to date, and his only original song for pop'n music.

Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 229 379 572 783 230 368
Pop'n Music 13 CARNIVAL→FEVER! 9 22 28 35 15 19
ADVENTURE→fantasia 9 22 ↓25 ↓34 15 19
Sunny Park→Present - 28 31 40 15 19
CARNIVAL CS 9 22 28 35 15 19

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