Chise is missing some animations or character artwork, or the current images are unsatisfactory.

I don't know what you're saying-Mimi
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Chise needs its music comment, production information, and/or staff comments translated.

Chise banner
ちせ Chise
Chise Icon
Birthdate March 25th
Gender Female
Race Human
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Light pink
First Appearance Pop'n Music Sunny Park
Other Appearance(s) -
Theme(s) Bloom Fusion
Designer(s) NATSU

Chise is one of the characters from Pop'n Music Sunny Park, and a crossover character from the jubeat franchise.


A graduation ceremony when cherry blossoms are in full bloom...
A little lonely, but goodbye with a smile!


Chise is a very pale-skinned girl who wears her pink hair in a braided bun with a yellow flower. She is clad in a purple kimono with a yellow top that has a pink floral print. Her violet boots match her eyes. Also, she always carries a rolled-up diploma. Strangely, it is green in most of her animations but turns white on her FEVER Win animation.



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