• Muzworm

    If you get the reference from the pun-intended title, you are really lucky. It's sad that I couldn't join the pop'n themed festival that was held today in Japan goodness why do I live in Koreaㅠㅠ

    By the way, I know two significant wikis that contain most of the information from pop'n music, but they are in Korean and needs my translation. So if you need any missing lyrics or character comments, don't forget to mention me on twitter @MuzWorm ;)

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  • Muzworm

    pop music theory theory

    January 23, 2017 by Muzworm

    so i was wondering about this thing, the staff comments for MEGANE ROCK. It was all out of topic and such and all of a sudden they're talking about NAKAJI and the anagram behind KONAMI and NAOKI M.

    what the heck does this mean?!

    It also implies, that the name NAKAJI might not be real because the song creator, our friendly wac, said it was rather a nickname. "He'd be called NAKAJI if he were a middle/high school student." wtf..

    So i came to thinking what the hell this all meant and then..

    Guess what I found?

    That's Mindblowing, people.

    wac's full name wakita jun, perfectly matches the name nakaji. could it be?

    (wac does indeed wear glasses)

    This might well explain why NAKAJI's personality is exactly the same as wac's edgyness. 

    This post is no joke.…

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  • Muzworm

    Where the new characters at?

    December 14, 2016 by Muzworm

    Giant update today. go go go!!

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  • EclipseQueen

    It's not a joke anymore

    This site's been up for awhile, but I'm pretty sure they took some of our content as files and such. I'm almost positive those are the files I made for Nox and Matin's pages.

    I don't know what we can do about it, but it's there and I think people should know. It's actually a bit of a thing to find the site. Not deep web level but a simple Google search won't bring them up.

    Teeeny Update: So it turns out they made the Wiki as a joke, but I still find it odd that they're using our files and keep adding content.

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  • 03mrx

    This maybe copy-pasted from my own profile page but i'm trying to compile this as orderly as possible. I can't make tables though.



    Pop'n music 1 (Japan - Asia)

    RIE♥chan - CARRIE






    SANAE♥chan - JACQUI

    Pop'n music 2 (Japan - Asia)

    Sugi*kun - Simon

    SANAE♥chan - JACQUI

    Yuli - Sasha

    S.8. TARO - TARO

    PRETTY - Patricia

    Dami-yan - Thrash

    RIE♥chan - CARRIE

    Hiroshi Jingu - Hiroshi

    Reo*kun - Leo


    Pop'n music 1 (Japan - Asia)

    J-TEKNO - J-TECHNO (personal note, how come this wasn't changed to "JAPANESE TECHNO"? huh?)

    Pop'n music 2 (Japan - Asia)





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  • 03mrx

    here it is

    August 20, 2016 by 03mrx

    Ladies and Gentlemen...

    Pop'n Music 2 Asian version.



    When pop'n music was still beginning in Japan, Konami released English versions for the Asian market as well.

    The first one was dumped in MAME and is easily accessible. But not the second one.

    So those of you who still don't believe there existed an english version of PM2, feast your eyes.



    So what was changed for the Asian version? First, the instructions are in English


    note the misspelling in 'judgenment'

    and... yeah. the entirety of the text in the game is in English. As with the Asian version of the first game, all the Japanese from the original version were either translated, romanized, or outright replaced. Sometimes the replacements were so outr…

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  • 03mrx

    surprise surprise!

    August 20, 2016 by 03mrx

    I finally found a working asian version of pop'n music 2

    more screencaps will follow, so please bear with me while i borrow a different wifi hotspot because my ip's gonna get banned again

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  • EclipseQueen

    Hey, yeah I'm still around looking at the pages and seeing what's being updated. My scanner is not cooperating and the less I say about my personal life the better but that's not why I'm writing this. 

    Okay, so there's this big issue with plagiarism and head cannons on this site apparently. Now let me address that the only thing that should be documented are what is officially put out by the developers. This includes all theories and assumptions as well, so even if something makes sense, if it's not confirmed by an official source, then don't place it on the page. 

    For example, and this is something I did and I'll admit to it, I put down that Yuli may be vain. Now from what we see from his animations and music comments, yeah he might be a li…

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  • Badeffect

    blog title

    June 14, 2016 by Badeffect

    I got the character illustration book for AC18-19, Wii, Hello Pop'n Music, Utacchi and PSP1/2, anything I should take pictures of?

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  • MuzcAT

    doesn't this wiki need the translation of the story from lapistoria/the script from the medal battles on eclale?

    i have the whole script, you know.. and i can translate the whole thing if this site needs it. should i?

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  • BabyLonandOblioFan2004

    Attack Take this (それいけー Sore ikee?)
    Damage Waa! (うわっ! Uwaa!?)
    GOOD Play Alright! (よし!Yoshi!?)
    BAD Play It wasn't my fault (それは私のせいではなかったです Sore wa watashi no seide wa nakattadesu?)
    WIN Yay! (イエーイ! Ieei!?)
    LOSE I quit (私は辞めた Watashi wa yameta?) Read more >
  • MuzcAT

    am i the only one here who knows the obvious reason behind it?

    up until pop'n music sunny park, pop'n music was basically made for entertainment, and they were placed in amusement parks and arcades. the characters and the game itself were made for both kids and adults. however, pop'n music began to lose its fame. adults were no longer interested, and kids refused to play because the levels were too hard and complicated for them. i even heard that amusement parks started to get rid of them. however, pop'n music began to be an appeal to teenagers and young adults(yes, there are exceptions) who have not known the game before, and it gained fame through arcades rather than other places. because of this, bemani decided to change their route and …

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  • BabyLonandOblioFan2004

    Her full information is this

    Fumi-Chan is on of the fanmade characters from Pop'n Music Éclale and a crossover character from Yo-Kai Watch.

    Birthplace Japan
    Birthday Unknown
    Gender Female
    Race Human
    Eye Color Black
    Hair Color Brown
    Hobby Unknown
    Relative(s) Amano Keita (brother) Jibanyan (cat) Whisper (ghost)
    Likes Unknown
    Dislikes Unknown
    First Appearance Pop'n Music éclale
    Other Appearance(s) None.

    ゲラゲラポーのうた [Geragerapo No Uta]

    祭り囃子でゲラゲラポー [Matsuribayashi De Geragerapo

    初恋峠でゲラゲラポー[Hatsukoitoge De Geragerapo]

    ようかい体操第一 [Yokai Taiso Dai Ichi]

    ようかい体操第二 [Yokai Taiso Dai Ni]

    人生ドラマティック [Jinsei Dramatic]

    ダン・ダン ドゥビ・ズバー! [Dan Dan Dubi Zuba!]

    アイドルはウーニャニャの件 [Idol Wa Ooh-Nya-Nya No Ken]

    ゲラッポ・ダンストレイン [Gerappo Dance Train]

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  • SabrinaCarpenterLove

    This has nothing to do with Pop 'n Music, but who is the queen of fame?

    First up..... Taylor Swift and Marina Diamandis.

    Who is better? Lemme know in the comments.

    Voting ended at this point. The winner is... Taylor! Congrats Taylor! Marina, leave.

    Now, it's between... Sabrina Carpenter and Fergie. Who is better?

    Voting has ended. Sabrina is the winner! Fergie, please exit. I'm pretty sure that you've had the time of your li-i-ife.

    Now it's Rowan and Olivia! Who's better?

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  • BabyLonandOblioFan2004

    Guys, I hate Pop'n Music. So I am going to rant on it.

    Pop'n Music? OMFG! This is one of the worst Konami video games ever! The game smells like Satan and it's got the most atrocious animation ever!

    The gameplay is trash. I once failed on both Pop'n games that are only available in North America. I was the biggest failure on Pop'n Music.

    Everytime I see a Pop'n Music video on Youtube, I press the dislike button no matter what.

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  • EclipseQueen

    It's been awhile!

    March 16, 2016 by EclipseQueen

    Hello hello! How you've guys been? I'm finishing up my first year of college, five weeks left!

    In that time, I got another book. Its been difficult to scan things, as of late, but hopefully I can get the sorted out.The second book I have goes to 1 though 5 including Pop'n Stage. The one that I ordered will have 10 and a few games after that. 

    Hopefully I can start adding as much to the wiki as I used to!

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  • BabyLonandOblioFan2004

    Here are images that you forgot to put in your pages.

    Image Name Original Game Notes

    Pop'n Music 1

    Always changes outfits in every game
    Nyami Pop'n Music 1 Always changes outfits in every game
    Rie-chan Pop'n Music 1 Remake of Pop'n Music 16 Party
    Aspara-Seijin Pop'n Music 8 Remake of Original

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  • Rhirhi02

    I have no idea how to specifically code the look for the Popper's Lounge pages.

    If anyone can, can someone show me how?

    Also, the Popper's lounge for Yuli, Ash's 2nd time, and Smile needs translated, can someone translate that for me?

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  • Badeffect

    Just putting it out there that there's a site with ripped character artwork from, what seems to be Pop'n 9 and 10. They have white backgrounds but you can just magic wand it off in an editing program, I use Photoshop.

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  • Retrobolt

    Cheap Translations

    August 10, 2015 by Retrobolt

    I cannot translate japanese to save my life,the only characters I know are Godzilla and Mimi.(ゴジラ,ミミ)And thats because Mimi is easy to remember and I'm a big fan of Godzilla.So how did I do the Pop'n lounge translation?I went to a website called where hundreds of services can be done for you for $5,$10,$15 and so on.There are dozens of translators for almost any language,but I only trust the one I have linked below because you can tell that he/she put in time and work to translate and make sure that every sentences is understandable.Plus they are very fast,cheep and don't copy/paste the text into google translate and say they did it them shelfs like other translators their.The translator below will translate 400 words/characters…

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  • EclipseQueen

    My book goes from Pop'n 18 to the second PSP game, including Pop'n Wii and Hello Pop'n. I'll be planning on scanning them, editing and uploading them to the wiki. (I already have with Shishitugu and others) But if there's anyone that you want or need, please let me know!

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  • EclipseQueen

    I'm an artist and my Pop'n Music works don't get a lot of attention because no one else knows what Pop'n Music is. Maybe I'll make some blogs to make the wiki more livley and show you guys my work?

    What do you think? 

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  • Retrobolt

    MImi and Nyami's gif pages don't work at all,starting at Pop'n Music 11.I dont know why but when I click on them it takes me to the uplode photo page.

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  • EclipseQueen

    Pop'n 14 4Komas!

    July 3, 2015 by EclipseQueen

    I was looking around on the Pop'n 14 site and I found these. They're 4Komas of the Pop'n charaters. I was wondering if we can translate them and add them to the wiki?

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  • EclipseQueen


    June 16, 2015 by EclipseQueen

    I found this site that has a bunch of Pop'n characters for the ee'MALL songs, but I don't think it's offical.

    Check it out though, it's pretty neat fake or real.

    Also, click Yuli and click the little links beside him. You won't regret the laugh.

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  • EclipseQueen

    That's right! Now it's on my way to college! Hopefully brfore then I can find some more stuff for the wiki. Also, if there is any image you need, let me know. Most of the images I get are from the birthday pictures, but I thankfully have enough experience with GIMP to make profiles and banners. I'll do animations too, but they are kinda small right now.

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  • EclipseQueen

    So when I was info hunting for the wiki, I cam across a cute Yuli picture. Out of curisoity I moused over it and I found it to be on Tiwtter. Turned out to be a bot as the name clearly stated "yuli_bot". I messed with it on my Twitter and it does reply to you, abiet a bit boringly. Most of the stuff he says was thinking otherwise of something and then he leaves soon after. The only in character leave was Ash calling for meal time while the others have been the same message out of character. I've followed a few of them and the only other one I've messed with so far is the Wilhelm bot and he does seem to be a bit more interesting than the Yuli one. I offered my soul for passing my finals, what could go wrong?

    Also, these are all in Japanese, …

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  • Retrobolt

    So far all I've done is ask everyone to do favors for me (mainly translations),so I want something to give back to the Wiki by adding Pop'n Music animations,but I don't know how to do it.So I hoping some one here could tell me how to.  

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  • Retrobolt

    Wiki Questions

    May 15, 2015 by Retrobolt

    Here is a post someone put on Tumblr-

    "i like how there’s two different pop’n music wikias: and like, is there some beef between them? are they rivals? why does pm-bettersite think they’re better? will someone make in the future??"

    I kinda had the same questions since I first came to the Wiki.I also notice that the "Better Site" goes into more detail about characters "personalitys" that I can't find anywhere else.(Examples-Mimi,Nyami,Timer.)

    Thats not to say anything bad about this Wiki,I prefer this one and overall theres more information,animaton and activity here.I lov…

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  • EclipseQueen

    Hi there! My name is Melissa, but feel free to call me whatever you'd like! I'm so excited to start adding to this wiki to help expand Pop'n Music in the states!

    I've been into the game since I was young, but only through YouTube video's since I myself haven't been able to play it. When I discovered emulators, I've been able to play Pop'n Music 2 (Though I'm not very good at it!) and was able to at least get a taste of the game. I only had my keyboard and not a proper controller, but I still had fun.

    I love a lot of the characters, but if I had to pick out some favorites they'd be Lotte*, Yima and MZD. Lotte getting special props because it was Jewelry Rock that introduced me to Pop'n Music

    I hope I can add helpful information to this wiki an…

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  • Retrobolt

    After doing some digging for more info on the games,I found Konami Krazy Racers.Its a crossover racing game that has Nyami as one of the racers and this is not a japan only game,its been released everywhere including the U.S.

    Heres some pics and a link to the Wiki page-

    Also a review on it-

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  • Retrobolt

    Glasses you may like.

    April 11, 2015 by Retrobolt

    Hello everyone,thank you for all the contributions to the wiki,for fun I thought I might show you these novelty sunglasses that totally don't remind me of any character on this website.

    Heres a pic and the link,have fun.

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  • OJ Tsuyoshi

    What is NET self?

    April 2, 2015 by OJ Tsuyoshi

    Yeah I don't blog often (last time I did was literally a year ago), but I figured I'd make this just to tell exactly what the NET self section is.

    Introduced in Pop'n Music 12 was NET Taisen Mode (NET対戦, NET Competition). Basically this mode allows up to 3 players to connect online and "battle" each other. The player with the most points wins.

    If you have CS 12, 13, or 14 you're probably familiar with it, though on the PS2 games you can't play online, only against CPUs.
    Also appears in Portable 2, you've probably played it if you played through the story mode.

    The screen is set up with your character to the left, one play area, and your opponents (albeit in small boxes) to the right. When playing, different bubbles appear over their heads and …

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  • 03mrx

    my trial version expired.

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  • OJ Tsuyoshi

    animations whooo

    July 6, 2014 by OJ Tsuyoshi

    Because my book covers 10-13 and I'd like to start scanning more art first thing is to finish the animation sections for PnM 10 characters

    • Ametori
    • Beartank
    • Bianca
    • Cecil
    • Chocky
    • Ichi no Myou
    • June
    • Jack
    • Kirico
    • Mr. Aoki
    • Mr. Fukumimi
    • Murmur Twins
    • Romio
    • Suwa Punch
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  • OJ Tsuyoshi

    Reference thing

    June 8, 2014 by OJ Tsuyoshi

    For Ash's page later when I get around to things besides gifs

    出身地: メルヘン王国

    趣味: 料理

    すきなもの: 散歩

    きらいなもの: 礼儀知らず、ドックフード、タマネギ

    Birthplace: Fairy Tale Kingdom

    Hobby: Cooking

    Likes: Walk (Walking)

    Dislikes: Rude people, dog food, onions

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  • OJ Tsuyoshi

    Some characters I want to get around to adding art/animations for soon

    • Mr. KK
    • Ash
    • Ice
    • Pilty
    • Wakaba
    • Chiyoko
    • Roku
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  • Caramelangel714

    What? There's no one here to see my Pop'n Music Wiki. In case you are a fan of Pop'n Music, I would not be coming back to this wiki, until the fans of Pop'n Music will be helping the wiki out. I can't do Pop'n Music Wiki alone. See me at

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  • Caramelangel714

    Hello. It's me again. Sorry about that, because I was working on the Pretty Cure Wiki, but we've have some dismal news. All of the Pop'n Music 20 videos are removed by Konami's content, because of FinalOffset's priviledge was taken off by his YouTube account (You want to know more? He is plagarizing the videos from Nicohozon!). Yes, I know some of you are disturbed, except SylphCO has one video left.

    caramelangel714N Connor 16:14, December 26, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Caramelangel714

    YES!!!!! You know what?! Pop'n Music 20 Fantasia loaded up some of the new characters I would think of!!! I thought it would be coming soon on January, Februrary, March....? I do not know, but is it the final series of Pop'n Music? We will find out...

    caramelangel714N Connor 18:06, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

    P.S.-I saw Mr. KK and Shollkee!

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  • Caramelangel714

    The End of October

    October 31, 2011 by Caramelangel714

    I would like to tell you something. Sorry about the interupption, but there will be no celebrating Halloween this day, because I do not admire any trick or treating or demons bouncing off tonight. Good bye.

    caramelangel714N Connor 12:25, October 31, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Caramelangel714


    September 29, 2011 by Caramelangel714

    I was thinking maybe Arch Angelus did not come back to Monica's Gang Wiki. I was hoping he will come back soon, I dunno. I can't do Pop'n Music Wiki all by myself without any other tributes who like Pop'n Music. You suck at me, Chrismh.

    caramelangel714N Connor 12:29, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Caramelangel714

    Asaki's second album came by September 28th, 2011 on the Pop'n Music website. It is called Tentei (thius the song). Too bad that the writing looks bony and queer.:( I don't have enough yen to purchase the album.

    caramelangel714N Connor 00:40, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Caramelangel714

    Okay..... I have some news about the new Pop'n Music Portable 2. Which is 16 Party themed....I saw the first video of it and still no Pop'n Music 20 videos out yet....I sensed that Wac is the one who has his first time playing. Starting to Party Mode as playing Mimi or Nyami, MZD sends them to give up invitations by some Pop'n Music characters like Rie-chan, Lotte, Roku, Alt, or even Yuli. Yet, Pop'n Music Portable 2 has it own website.

    I'll just put some music, new charcater, and information on Pop'n Music Portable 2 soon (but first,...I'll just put the logo on)

    caramelangel714N Connor 00:23, September 22, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Caramelangel714

    Beginning Blog 9/2/11

    September 2, 2011 by Caramelangel714

    Yesterday, I was fixing errors of Monica's Gang Wiki. Today, I was about to fix errors from Pop'n Music Pedia.

    caramelangel714N Connor 21:31, September 2, 2011 (UTC)

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