Alphonse Michel
アルフォンス・ミシェル Arofonsu Micheru



A. Michel IconA. Michel 2P Icon
Birthplace France
Birthdate December 25th
Gender Male
Race Human, Angel(?)
Eye Color Heterochromic (Yellow (right), Blue (left))
Hair Color Black
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes "Oh, because I like you... as it is. Please do not decorate"
Dislikes "It weirdly wonderful that you're repulsive."
First Appearance pop'n music 11 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 20 fantasia (TV/Anime)
Theme(s) Beat Rock 3

God only knows 第三幕

Alphonse Michel, or his signature A. Michel, is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 11.




Hi, you came again. Are you looking for something?
Although old books tell us a lot, I feel something missing in my heart...

Alphonse Michel is the keeper of a library in France. He is social and is somewhat flirtatious.


Beat Rock 3Edit

Alphonse Michel first introduced himself as a tall man with short black hair; his hair can transform into a blonde color in his FEVER! and FEVER WIN animations. His eyes are heterochromic, such as having a yellow eye color on the right eye and his left eye is cerulean. Michel wears a red elbow-length shirt that contains a gray band on the left arm. Above his garments is his black apron with a name tag, matching his pants and shoes. Michel's hair color shifts into blonde, only in his FEVER! and FEVER! Win animations. His original color palette makes an appearance in God only knows 第三幕.

Michel's 2P color palette consists of his darker skin tone, baby-blue-colored hair, a yellow right eye, and a blue left eye. His shirt is colored black while his entire clothing is white.


Michel gains a steampunk attire, such as a dark brown jacket with a maroon top underneath, a matching top hat, a brown waist belt, and yellow goggles. His blonde hair is shown again since his FEVER! animation. This only occurs in the Pop'n Music Lapistoria Card collection.


  • Michel's birthdate is identical as Muscle Masuda and BisCo's birthdate.
    • Also, it implies that Michel's birthdate is in Christmas Day.
  • Michel is implied to be an angel, as seen by the feathers in his FEVER! and Win animations.
    • He might be half-angel, explaining why he has heterochromia.