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アカツキ Akatsuki
Akatsuki Icon
Birthplace Chinese Mount Hua
Birthdate November 14th
Gender Male
Race God
Eye Color Yellow with black pupils
Hair Color White
Hobby Forest watching
Relative(s) Unknown
Likes The forest, animals, and nature
Dislikes The way of human beings to destroy the forest
First Appearance pop'n music 14 FEVER! CS
Other Appearance(s) None.
Theme(s) Nature
Designer(s) Cheng Lurong

Akatsuki is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 14 FEVER!.

Personality Edit

Protecting the forest and the animals, he is the powerful god.
He makes better relationships with the forest and humans, and always thinking seriously.
(The worries to god are here.)

Appearance Edit

Akatsuki has a light honeydew complexion and yellow eyes with black pupils, and possesses long horns. His garments include a mint green costume and legwarmers with yellow highlights; and a long, flowing, forest green hood with cream-colored sections. Akatsuki wields a thematic staff that has colors sharing the manner.

NET SelfEdit

Attack ..Ha.. (・・ハ・・ ..Ha..?)
Damage ..Hi.. (・・ヒ・・ ..Hi..?)
GOOD Play ..Fu.. (・・フ・・ ..Fu..?)
BAD Play ..Vu.. (・・ヴ・・ ..Vu..?)
WIN ..Ku.. (・・ク・・ ..Ku..?)
LOSE ..Gu.. (・・グ・・ ..Gu..?)


Gallery Edit




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