アゲハ Ageha

Ageha (7)


Birthplace Cygnus
Gender Female
Race Alien
Eye Color Lavender (Pop'n 5)
Cyan (Pop'n 7)
Hair Color Silky blue (5)
Blonde (7)
Hobby Driving a spaceship
Relative(s) Kelly (older sister)
Likes Kelly
Dislikes Bean jam
First Appearance pop'n music 5 CS
Other Appearance(s) pop'n music 6 CS, pop'n music 9 CS, pop'n music 11 CS
Theme(s) Crystal

Neofolk Rock 2

Ageha is one of the CS characters from Pop'n Music 5.



A second-numbered alien who was sent in order to invade Earth.
But, her personal self is like crazy to find a senior who she longs for.

"Where is older sister Kelly?"

Ageha was sent to Earth to invade it, but she was searching for her sister, Kelly.



Ageha takes to form of a humanoid alien female with normal apricot-colored skin. She have mauve eyes and silky dark blue hair with a much shorter hairstyle. There are white beads on the top of her head. Ageha's attire was a navy blue tank bra, short pants, wristbands, and boots, that also consists of the same beads as of her hair. Ageha sports a turquoise-colored waist belt, and orange-colored earrings. Her original color palette is confirmed in Spiritual, from the CS version of Pop'n Music 6.


Ageha, now, makes her appearance with drastic color changes. Ageha's hair develops a cream yellow hue, while her eyes are cyan. Her vestments consist of a deep pink bombshell bra with a cover underneath Her wristbands, shoes, and beads merged into the same color as her top as well. Ageha sports white legwarmers and very lacy pink shorts. Her earrings change into cyan, like her eyes. Her original color palette has been confirmed in Neo Folk Rock 2, from the CS version of Pop'n Music 11.

Her 2P color palette has been confirmed in Silky, from the CS version of Pop'n Music 9.


In the CS Pop'n Music Steampunk ver. Card, Ageha dons a steampunk outfit that consists of a white top with dark maroon and dark brown accents on her layerings and shorts, especially her thigh highlights and socks. Her hair color is similar to her debut. This only occurs in the Pop'n Music Lapistoria Card collection.

Other Character Comments

Pop'n Music 7 CS:
地球を侵略するために送り込まれたエイリアン第2号。 大好きなケリーお姉様とおかいものをして、新しい服を買ったんだって! でもね、帰りにちょっと遭難しちゃったみたい!? 「ケリーお姉様と一緒だったらどんな時でも幸せなの!!」
A second-numbered alien who was sent in order to invade Earth. She is treasuring her favorite older sister, Kelly, even she brought new clothes! Though, it's liek she had to distress a bit in return!? "Kelly and I were together to be happy, anytime!!"

Pop'n Music 11 CS:
A second-numbered alien who was sent in order to invade Earth.
She and Kelly were longing to dance in Earth together completely!
These days, she was lovestruck by a guitar sound.


  • Ageha is presumably the first Pop'n Music character to change her color appearance, after her appearance on Pop'n Music 6. She is before Koyama Akemi and V.B.