Ee'mall TRIBAL (NEW)

Ee'mall TRIBAL

Ee'mall TRIBAL pop'n 9

Romaji of Song -
English Translation -
Nihongo of Genre トライバル
Romaji of Artist -
Vocal -
Lyrics -
Other Instruments Naoki Maeda (Composition & Arrangement)
BPM 200
Status ee'MALL Unlock
Length 1:40
Character AFRO (DDR 2P)/UNBABO (Africa 2P, pop'n 9-CARNIVAL)
First Appearance Dance Maniax
Other Appearance(s) beatmania 7thMIX/beatmania III APPEND 7thMIX, Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX, DanceMasters/DanceEvolution, DanceEvolution Arcade, ee'MALL, pop'n music 9, pop'n music 14 FEVER!


Several tribal samples will be heard.

Song Connections/RemixesEdit

  • AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL is a remix of the original AFRONOVA from DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMIX.


  • AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL shares LA LA LA's background.
  • AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL's songwheel title was misspelled as AFRONOVA PRIMAL in pop'n music Sunny Park (AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL's banner remained unchanged, though). This was corrected on March 12th, 2013.

Music CommentEdit

A hot tribal techno inspired by the souls of a race! Maybe it is natural to want to dance!?

Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game Standard Battle
5 N H EX N H
Notecounts 278 392 621 789 356 381
Pop'n Music 9→CARNIVAL (via ee'MALL) 9 19 29 36 17 19
FEVER!→ADVENTURE 9 19 29 36 17 19
PARTY♪→fantasia 9 19 29 ↓35 17 19
Sunny Park→Present - 25 35 41 17 19
FEVER! CS 9 19 29 35 17 19

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